Diawara agent: ‘Mourinho creating uncomfortable situation’

by | Oct 26, 2021 20:53

Amadou Diawara’s agent slams Jose Mourinho for again freezing the midfielder out of the Roma squad. ‘I don’t understand the message he’s trying to get across.’

Mou publicly lambasted his squad players after the 6-1 Conference League defeat to Bodo/Glimt in Norway, telling reporters that he had “only 13 players” and the others were not at the same level.

Since that day, he has left Diawara, Borja Mayoral, Gonzalo Villar and Bryan Reynolds out of the squad entirely for Serie A games against Napoli and Cagliari, so they don’t even have a spot on the bench.

“I don’t understand the message he’s trying to get across,” Diawara’s agent Daniele Piraino told Tuttomercatoweb.

“Is Diawara being made a scapegoat? Is he being made to pay a heavy price for an error? Or is it an attempt to force the club into acting on the transfer market?

“If it is for these reasons, rather than just poor fitness, or he feels the player is unable to understand the tactical requirements of the coach, then I think Mourinho is creating an uncomfortable situation.

“It is inexplicable, but Diawara will adapt. Amadou is an exceptional professional.”

The midfielder had been on the transfer market over the summer, with interest from Premier League clubs, but no deal was struck.

epa09080426 Roma's Amadou Diawara attends a press conference in Kiev, Ukraine, 17 March 2021. AS Roma will face Shakhtar Donetsk in their UEFA Europa League round of 16, second leg soccer match on 18 March 2021. EPA-EFE/SERGEY DOLZHENKO


  1. LDN

    Diawara has done nothing since moving from Bologna. 4 managers in the last 5/6 years don’t think he’s good enough to be a starter. Mourinho is the latest one, not the first, and because it seems to be a trend to hate on Mourinho these days, maybe the player should look at his own performances instead.

  2. Blop

    They ain’t good enough , period . Stop trying to create a scene when there isn’t one . They ain’t good . Get the memo. These agents are incredible haha what player does he think he is… aguero hahaha

  3. Pj

    Its a but suprising he’d rather play Shudmodorov or whatever his name is over Mayoral who looked decent at times but who knows.

  4. Ped

    If he actually played football that night the score won’t be 6-1. Maybe some self reflection on his part is overdue?

  5. Fiorentincheg

    Dude gets paid 3mln/year, the same or even better than Mancini or Veretout, no wonder club wants to get rid of him, and also no wonder he and his agent want to stay for as long as possible. They shouldn’t give him such a generous wages in the first place.

  6. Mr. AUSTINE Igiegie

    Must you criticise JM before the Italian media’s who are already bias and creating crack in As Roma? For your client sake don’t fight JM if not your client will the receiving end of your stupid fight, work on your client and encourage him to do more than enough. In JM team if you are giving a chance, you must seized it if not; you are on your own. If you impress him you becomes his friend for life. So stop to the interest of your client because the fight will not end on media but on the pitch

  7. putuco

    lol @ the agent trying to defend his useless client. Diawara is awful, just shut up and move your player to a club according to his abilites. Maybe Lega Pro?

  8. Doklin

    I guess the verdict is out on Diawara. Mou isn’t the first manager to notice that Diawara isn’t at the level of quality players to move Roma forward. So if I were this middle man called agent I will ‘ash up’ and look for a team suitable for his client’s ability.
    If he thinks he is staring up hatred for Jose then he is dreaming. Nobody will fall for his cheap old tricks.
    THIS IS SIER A not the EPL!

  9. Mongo Kalresian, MD

    He’s not good enough consistently enough to start or even be a reliable sub for this Roma team. Give him a fresh start elsewhere.

  10. Observer 1

    Stop whining and get him.another club old man

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