Diario AS: Real Madrid vs. Barcelona for Kessie

by | Oct 14, 2021 14:07

Real Madrid have joined the list of clubs hoping to get Franck Kessie as a free agent from Milan, after Barcelona, PSG, Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United.

The Ivory Coast international is only under contract until June 2022 and the negotiations for an extension are not progressing well.

His agent insists the reports he is asking for €8.5m per season are exaggerated, but it’s suggested they turned down a proposal worth €6.5m per season.

The Rossoneri already lost Gianluigi Donnarumma to PSG and Hakan Calhanoglu to city rivals Inter as free agents over the summer and don’t want a similar scenario unfolding with Kessie.

According to newspapers Diario AS and La Gazzetta dello Sport, Real Madrid are also now contenders to pick up Kessie for free.

They face plenty of competition from Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United.

The midfielder confessed many years ago that he supports Manchester United and would be an ideal replacement should Paul Pogba leave Old Trafford when his contract expires at the end of the season.

M'Bala Nzola Franck Kessie


  1. DB Milan

    Just give him 7 a year then. Pay up or hand him over to the big clubs like good little boys.

  2. putuco

    “a coste cero” haha, good one. NOTHING costs zero, the agent will ask a hefty commision in the area of no less than 20m. Ask Raiola, for more reference

  3. Chris

    Barcelona and Arsenal are not currently of the ilk of the rest of the potential suitors. Any player would be a mad man to want to go to Barcelona in its current state. Arsenal are off the pace in the PL and need some changes before the likes of Kessie would be remotely interested. Any player would like to play for Real Madrid but they too need some changes – lots of players coming to the end of their careers (Benzema, Modric, Marcelo), a few players not really living up to price tags so Kessie could be the start of a mini revolution for them like Ozil-Khedira-Di Maria in 2010

  4. Zoro Caloro

    Guy is overrated

  5. Milan Fan

    He’s very good WHEN he is at his best (like last season) but even then he’s not worth more than 6.5/7m a season already proposed to him. Our other midfielders are all under 2.5m a year salaries!

    So I completely understand the club here. Can’t have that kind of discrepancy on their hands. Even if he signs for those numbers, I’d actually sell him next summer or the one after.

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