Di Marzio: Kessie wants €9m Milan salary

M'Bala Nzola Franck Kessie

Milan have reportedly raised their offer for Franck Kessie’s contract to €6.5m, but the midfielder wants close to €9m in order to sign.

His current deal is due to expire in June 2022, meaning he will be a free agent at the end of the season and able to leave without any transfer fee going to the club.

Negotiations have ground to a halt for weeks now and transfer news pundit Gianluca Di Marzio gave an update on Sky Sport Italia this evening.

He reports the offer from Milan has reached €6.5m plus bonuses.

However, it’s still a long way off the request that Kessie’s agents have put forward, which is closer to €9m per season.

If he does not lower the demands, then any chance of an agreement is remote at best.

Milan’s only chance of getting a fee for Kessie would be to sell in January, with Manchester United, Arsenal and Paris Saint-Germain believed to be interested in the Ivory Coast international.

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  1. Hilarious! This is just getting better and better.

    Even if he somehow clones himself still two Kessies are not worth 9m a year. What a clown.

  2. Tonali, Isma, Baka, Adli, Pobega…maybe another name from MMM but need to move fwd and look ahead.

    Get on board or get out. The asset loss hurts bad though.

  3. c ya frank, was nice knowing you, shame we could not get an agreement and good luck to who ever is willing to pay you that much, you clearly already have and agreement with someone else.

  4. The issue is this. Whilst Gigio had pretty much agreed a year in advance that he wouldn’t be renewing, he was the optimum professional and did everything for Milan on the pitch until the very last moment in our colours. That despite a lot of criticism.

    In contrast, Kessie has shown himself to be weak and is clearly being effected by the uncertainty surrounding his renewal. He has played like a man who’s mind and legs are elsewhere. At least if he was playing like a man who warrants even half that salary, I’d be somewhat content.

  5. 9 mil for what? Ridiculous how players have become. Sorry Milan fans, you got to let this guy go. No player should make himself bigger than the club and no player is above the club. Honor the shirt or get out!

  6. Has to be fake news. But if so bye bye and good luck in the EPL. He was at fault for the penalty not concentrating, only played his first season in the champions league and he has not won anything. This is the issue with the younger players nowadays, they want more money but have yet to achieve the accolades. At least this rules out Shinter. I do not think Marotta will bankrupt them further. Juventus will be interested as they will purchase anything for free. Swap with Kulusevski and I’d be happy.

  7. Who he think he is
    He made so many mistakes during those games
    With Liverpool he was worst
    Atl Madrid he made worst
    He has been so bad
    Get out GET OUT

  8. Mike is spot on. He’s already got an agreement with another club. Whoever it is, I’ll bet they’re not even offering him up to 9m. His agent is probably just using that figure to halt any further contract talks.

  9. So that’s why we signed Bakayoko. Need to give him guys and also show some respect for those players are wanting to stay and fight like Krunić and Castillejo. As much as I dislike January transfers Kessie needs to go in January and we need to find a suitable replacement (Bakayoko probably isn’t good enough and Bennacer and Tonali’d don’t really work together).

  10. Sounds like a non offer offer if ya get me, knowing full well they would never meet it gives him a chance to go to the PL.

  11. Guy is scum. When the transfer season is open he says one thing and then says something else when it closes. All a scam so he can leave for free and get big bucks. Now that we are essentially out of CL we should bench him and start giving Baka some game time. he is not going to get any better with 20 minute cameos.

  12. Regardless of his contract status, he is a free agent, he is simply a mediocre player who may have experienced one good season last season. He got to his peak last year and from there he just got off. Professionally he is just not good for Milan, we need to move forward with better quality players. We must release him from the team and not sign him to any new contract even for 4 million per season.

  13. AC Milan payed €24m for Kessie, he is only 24 years old and most probably already agreed with his next club (I suspect €8m/year).

    Kessie current value is €55m, so I wonder how much Milan can get for him during January. They also need to quickly find a replacement in order to keep the squad competitive.

  14. “Kessie current value is €55m” – only if another club is actually willing to buy him off us for that much. I suspect most will take him on a free but won’t pay 55 mil for him.

    Overall this is becoming very much like the Donnarumma situation. He wants to leave, but wants to go for free so he can bag a massive salary elsewhere, so they drag out negotiations with ridiculous demands, knowing they will never be met. Just sell him in Jan and be done with it, or let him walk next year and call it a lesson learned.

    He had a great season last season, but prior to that was not so good, and this year not so good either. I like him and what he can bring, but he is a very poor finisher from open play (I remember in prior seasons, any time the ball was given to Kessie in front of goal I’d groan internally, as he could never hit the target – and the derby was a great example of that) and has made a number of very significant mistakes this year that have cost us points in both Serie A and UCL. On the back of that, I still think he’s a good player, but 9 mil is a world class salary, and aside from one season, he hasn’t proven himself to be a world class player. 4.5m, with some performance-related bonuses, would be right for him I think.

  15. I wouldn’t like to see him go but I’ve said before I’m glad Milan are taking a stand. No individual player should be considered above the rest of the team, above the project, above the club in general. Once you weed out the people who are money driven, you will end up with a unified squad who want to play for the club not for a wage. I think other than like 5/6 clubs in world football right now (Real Madrid, PSG, a couple of English teams) a transfer to anyone else is a sideways or downwards move. Milan are in the champions league, have real title prospects this year which will guarantee champions league football next year (even if we don’t win the league) which should be the height of Kessie’s ambitions considering Ivory Coast’s lack of competitiveness so other than money I can’t see the motivation.

  16. People say his market value is 55m, he’s asking for a contract worth over 80m gross plus agent fees, makes absolutely no sense to pay him that much, Elliot are no mugs and have shown they have a $$ value for each player that they absolutely will not go past, he’s gone most likely in the summer, he will be on afcon duty during January transfer window and like I said above he probably already has an agreement in place

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