Di Maria to Juventus, what’s still missing

Angel Di Maria is now only a step away from joining Juventus on a free transfer, with only one hurdle remaining now.

The 34-year-old Argentinian forward is leaving Paris Saint-Germain is less than 48 hours after his contract expires with the club, allowing him to sign for a new team. The two clubs in the running for Di Maria were Juventus and Barcelona, but recently it’s clear that the Bianconeri have taken the advantage and now they’re ready to close out a deal.

As detailed by La Gazzetta dello Sport, only one last hurdle remains now until Di Maria can sign for Juventus. The two parties are working on agreeing the appearance bonuses attached to his one-year contract and documents are already being exchanged.

The Argentinian forward will receive €7m net per season plus €2-3m in add-ons. Because it’s a one-year contract, the Bianconeri will not be able to take advantage of the Growth Decree law.

7 Comments on “Di Maria to Juventus, what’s still missing”

  1. This signing once again smacks of a lack of forward planning and objective from the Juve board and manager..something we’ve grown accustomed to. Juve need strength and depth in their spine and notably midfield. Signing yet another old veteran on a short term basis with high salary bonus demands etc is totally pointless. Better investing in promoting a young striker from the youth setup to the first team. What are the board thinking, purely shirt sales?

  2. The signing allows for flexibility this year and next as they target others which will involve transfer fees.

  3. If the new season goes badly then the fault lies with the President until then I reserve my judgement

  4. Why don’t sign Houssem Aouar. He was solid player againt Juventus in UCL, still young, plays in the same place as Di Maria, has one year left on hiz contract

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