Angel Di Maria’s entourage confirm they are ‘talking about the final details’ of the contract with Juventus.

The Argentina international had hesitated for weeks before making a decision on his future, having left Paris Saint-Germain as a free agent.

He was considering both the proposal from the Bianconeri and one from Barcelona, with an eye to returning to South America after the 2022 World Cup.

Yesterday there was finally a breakthrough and Di Maria gave the all-clear to accepting Juventus, sparking a flurry of negotiations to get the deal sorted.

“We are talking about the final details and waiting for Juventus to give the OK on certain things,” Di Maria’s entourage was quoted as telling La Stampa newspaper.

He is expected to sign a one-year contract worth €7m per season plus bonuses, although there could also be an option for a second year.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the initial offer was €7m per season included add-ons, but agent Lisandro Pirosanto requested more.

The meeting with director Federico Cherubini was nonetheless positive and they are close to a deal.

6 thought on “Di Maria agents confirm ‘talking final details’ with Juventus”
  1. 7m euros salary- wooooow – too much – rather pay for zaniola / gnarby and pay them the same salary.
    Bad business

  2. Gnabry did not accept Bayern’s 9m net offer. U guys r so funny.
    And why he join a non elite club?

  3. Its terrible, such old such high salary right wing, better we could buy young Kulusevski for 80 millions, dont understand what are they thinking. Dejan is already high quality player and after 3-5 years could sell for 150 millions and earn money, and now simply throwing money away for person who just want one year of Juventus hospital relaxation

  4. To detraytor: but Gnabry is almost Salah level right winger, do you imagine what sheet here we got instead of salah or gnabry and still pay almost same money?

  5. CALMAAA!!!

    This is a great move for Di Maria. There is no pressure on him to help deliver a CL, as this club will be waiting another 3000 years before that ever happens. He is joining one the best coaches in the world, and he can learn new things, such as the back, back, down, down. One year is good for him, as it will provide him with a sample of Medieval ball. If he hates it, then he can go like Dani Alves. Juventus can then give PhD Max another old player in their quest to hang with the bigger clubs of Europe.

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