Former Italy striker Paolo Di Canio explains why he prefers Cristiano Ronaldo to Leo Messi, who he calls ‘an alien without emotions’, adding that ‘Neymar is even worse.’

The Argentinean and Brazilian stars were booed by PSG fans on Sunday, following their Champions League elimination at the hands of Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid. It was probably the first time that Messi was booed by his own fans. Di Canio offered his view on the Argentinean’s campaign, comparing Messi to Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Messi left the pitch scratching his head, he has no emotions, ” The ex-Lazio striker told Sky Sport Italia.

“I prefer Cristiano Ronaldo. Do you want me to sit on the bench against Man City? I go back to Portugal, then I return and score a hat-trick. I prefer the human who has a soul to the alien without emotions.

“Messi showed his personality limits. Of course, he can be booed. There were thousands of fans waiting for him. They were dreaming, but his behaviour was not the right one.

“Neymar was even worse. He is not doing remarkable things and last month, he said that he wanted to go to the MLS to have three months holiday. I mean, have respect, you must have some problems.”

8 thought on “Di Canio prefers Cristiano Ronaldo to Messi ‘and Neymar is even worse’”
  1. C.Ronaldo is z best in z world, simply respect him & his haters need to shutup from criticizing a man who has great soul.

  2. Think Messi has answered the life long question, can he replicate the same form he had with Barcelona? No he cannot. Where players like Ibrahimovic, Cavani have showed they can go to PSG and scored for fun. Messi has struggled for 1 reason or another. I thought he would get almost a goal a game playing in that league. Love him or loathe him Ronaldo has proven again and again he can perform in any league and score enough goals to be a success in any team.

  3. look at Messi’s number, he shines in less competitive matches (especially for Argentina) compare to Ronaldo that has clutch in more competitive games

  4. I wouldn’t grade a player based on his outward showing of emotions. Most of my favourite players – Baggio, Bergkamp, R9, Baresi, Maldini, Pirlo … were quite serene on the pitch.

    I used to be in team Messi. That was until the likes of Xavi and Inesta moved on from Barcelona. While his numbers have still been impressive, he hasn’t been quite the same player over the past few years.

    Ronaldo has done the business everywhere he has played, and like Juvenesia alluded to, Ronaldo always seems to produce on the biggest occasions. He has also done incredibly well he’s had some fairly mediocre central midfielders at Juve and Utd supporting him.

  5. What r these people talking about Ronaldo failed juve with ucl that’s what he was brought in for and now he is failing Manchester what games r u people watching. Messi is having same problem at psg. What good r goal when u cannot accomplish what u were brought in for.

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