Denmark unveil ‘protest’ shirt for 2022 World Cup in Qatar

Denmark will wear a kit at the 2022 World Cup that hides the sponsor and national team badge, because they ‘don’t wish to be visible’ in the controversial Qatar tournament.

The announcement was made by kit sponsor Hummel, who had promised weeks ago that there would be a special message in their choice of jersey for the competition, to be played in November and December.

Although they are present on the red shirt, the sponsor’s logo and the badge representing the Danish Football Federation are also in red and therefore won’t be visible unless looking very closely.

“This shirt carries with it a message,” wrote Hummel.

“We don’t wish to be visible during a tournament that has cost thousands of people their lives.

“We support the Danish national team all the way, but that isn’t the same as supporting Qatar as a host nation.”

The decision to host the World Cup in Qatar has been a controversial one since the start for FIFA, with worries only growing as time went on.

Official figures on how many workers, many of them migrants, have died in building the stadiums are hard to come by.

Qatar also has very strict and restrictive laws on alcohol, gender, sexuality, human rights and the ability of locals to protest.

Some have praised Denmark’s stand, others called it a performative gesture that ultimately achieves very little.

11 Comments on “Denmark unveil ‘protest’ shirt for 2022 World Cup in Qatar”

  1. Well I won’t watch none of it, and I have some friends(even politicians) who will do the same.

    Italians shouldn’t have a hard decision, hence they didn’t make it…

  2. The best way thing to do is, withdraw from the world cup in Qatar. Funny enough, Denmark will collect every € paid to them by FIFA for their participation.

  3. Wouldn’t be fair on the players to boycott, so this is a great stand by Denmark. All participating countries should do the same

  4. So the Danes concerned about people lifes? Two days ago near their island were exploded nord stream gas pipelines living millions of German people without gas. Where is reaction Danes?

  5. SUCH A shame by Fifa especially with everything going in the world to give a nod to authocracies to dictators to human rights abuses. ABSOLUTE shame. I AM already looking forward to the next world cup in USA and it will be the first world cup I can see live.

  6. THIS is the marketing strategy they are seeking.

    If Denmark really wanted to take a stand they would give Gli Azzurri their spot !

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