Del Piero’s view on Juventus chaos and his potential return – video

Juventus legend Alessandro Del Piero refuses to rule out a return to the club: ‘ I’m on standby, I’ll see what’s going to happen.’

The club board members resigned on Monday evening after an emergency meeting at Continassa and Exor, the holding company with a controlling stake in the club has already named a new CEO and named the successor of Agnelli.


Del Piero shared his view on the situation at the club, refusing to rule out a return to the Allianz Stadium.

“It’s a big decision, it shocked everyone, nobody would imagine it,” he told BeIn Sports.

“Agnelli resigned as President, and now the owners need to figure out what will happen. This will affect people at the club, the President and the board members if something is got proved.”

Would Del Piero come back to the club?

“It’s early to say, I spent almost 20 years, I decided to stay despite relegation. Obviously, the relationship between the owners and me and the fans is quite deep, very deep. We’ve been through everything. this great journey brought me here with you.

“Every news regarding Juve, for me, is very emotional. I’m on standby, I’ll see what’s going to happen. I was there this summer for the tour in LA where I live and I saw all of them in Lisbon, I am a friend of Pavel [Nedved] and everyone. First of all, this is a sad situation.”

Del Piero is the best scorer in the history of the club and the player with the most appearances in a Bianconeri shirt.

He returned to the Allianz Stadium to watch a Juventus match for the first time in 10 years this past April.

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  1. @Mohamed, you must be kidding… it wil be easy for Del Piero to fill that role. He has charisma and good public speaking skills. Not to mention 20 years experience with the club as a club’s icon and now working as a respectable pundit on Rai. However this conversation is useless as Elkann has announced a new President.

  2. Pay no attention to this clown above. The silly little girl was too giddy about the recent run of wins and now the chickens have come home to roost once again. 1/6 + 7/9 = 2 times relegated.

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