De Vrij: ‘Inzaghi proposes an attacking football’

De Vrij

Inter defender Stefan de Vrij said the Nerazzurri have changed their way of ‘attacking’ under Simone Inzaghi. ‘We press high and create many opportunities’.

The Nerazzurri prepare for the Champions League clash with Roberto De Zerbi’s Shakhtar Donetsk on Tuesday and De Vrij was asked about the biggest changes since Antonio Conte left the club.

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“Many concepts have remained the same, as well as the formation,” De Vrij said at a press conference.

“That doesn’t regard just the defence, but the whole team.”

But he stressed there are some changes too, as Inzaghi offers a more attacking approach than the former coach.

“Now, we propose an attacking football. We press high, we create many opportunities,” De Vrij added. “Maybe we still need to find some balance, but these are the things that have changed.”

De Vrij knew the coach from his time at Lazio and said he’s happy to reunite with the former Biancocelesti hero.

“I felt good at Lazio and I’m happy he has arrived here now,” De Vrij said. “I feel good at Inter too, both with him and with his staff.

“And then the idea is to improve and grow together.”

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