De Vrij: ‘Inter season changed with win at Juventus’

Stefan de Vrij confirms Inter’s season changed with the victory away to Juventus, as they are now top of the table. ‘We are fully aware of what we’re challenging for.’

With today’s 3-1 win over Roma, Inter and Milan have both played 33 Serie A matches, with the Nerazzurri on 72 points and the Rossoneri 71.

That is because Milan must visit Lazio tomorrow evening, while Inter have their rescheduled match against Bologna coming up on Wednesday.

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“Today we saw a team that was fully aware of what it was challenging for,” De Vrij told DAZN after the 3-1 success at San Siro.

“Roma are very strong on the counter-attack, so it was important we attacked with a sense of balance. A defender must be ready and command the line if we lose possession, to neutralise a counter.”

Inter’s season was transformed by a victory away to Juventus in the Derby d’Italia, a game that effectively cut the Bianconeri out of the race and revitalised Simone Inzaghi’s side, leading to five consecutive victories.

“We certainly felt that game like it was a knockout round, so with a lot of suffering, we brought home the points and then carried on winning. We want to continue doing it.”

9 Comments on “De Vrij: ‘Inter season changed with win at Juventus’”

  1. nah, it’s just karma for all those stolen scudettos of rube in the past.
    sometimes up, sometimes down, deal with it.

  2. @Brazilian Bianconero… even “IF” in your wildest imagination what are you saying is true, you can’t compare one single game to thousands of of games that Juve robbed every single team in Italy! You want prove? How it goes for you in Euro stage?

  3. @hunter its not even karma. Juve just did not use to having a referee officiating fair and square. The norm is the referee should give them favour, always. Otherwise, they blame the referee

  4. @hunter: EXACTLY. We cannot even count how many of them were stolen, Juventus just monopolized it like the mobsters they are.

    You can see their real worth when they get to play outside of Italy LOL, shame of Italy.

    So funny to see their fans crying all over the place ^^

  5. I MISS JUVENTUS IN SERIE B 🤡, Inter fans talking about juve while they forget moratrti.

    The only shame is ur mum and inter beinmg irrelevant for the past 9 years. the shame of italy is inter, dont exchnage juve with inter bro

  6. Which of the 9 scudettos was tolen inter fans? Juve got the lowest penalty rate while every ref was giving u favours for moratti. THese bunch of clowns on FI. Shame of italy and football, Inter, joke of a club

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