De Rossi, Del Piero and more: Italy legends take exam to become coaches

by | Oct 15, 2021 12:06

Several former Italian and Serie A players, including Alessandro Del Piero and Daniele De Rossi, are taking exams to get their coaching badges in Coverciano today.

Ansa reports that the group took the first part of the exam in the morning, while the second part, which consists of practical exercises on the pitch is scheduled for today.

The former players began the course for the UEFA A licence in December.

Among them, Del Piero, Christian Vieri and Daniele De Rossi who was part of Roberto Mancini’s staff at UEFA Euro 2020.

The UEFA A licence course – that allows to train up to Serie C, Italy’s third division – was held online due to the pandemic and is reserved for professionals with long experience in the game.

This is the full list of former Italian and Serie A footballers who are taking their exams today: Ignazio Abate, Gianluca Curci, Alessandro Del Piero, Daniele De Rossi, Daniele Gastaldello, Massimo Maccarone, Alessandro Matri, Riccardo Montolivo, Marcelo Otero, Giampaolo Pazzini, David Pizarro, Stefano Torrisi e Christian Vieri.

Del Piero


  1. Dan

    Of all of the players noted amongst that group, only one really sticks out to me as a potential coach that could attain some type of success from a coaching career and thats De Rossi.

    He just seems to fit the mould needed of a young, progressive coach with an extensive amount of knowledge on what it takes to build a team capable of challenging for top honours. Only time will tell i guess if he makes that step into a senior coaching role.

  2. Dan

    Sorry, *former* players i should have written, not players.


    @Dan you just might be surprised at whoever turns out to be a good coach amongst them…time will tell.. here is wishing them all a great careers…Italy is reputable for great tacticians.

  4. Andre

    Hey Dan,
    I agree with you but I’m also aware that not all top coaches/managers had legendary careers as players. There might be an Allegri, Klopp, or Mourinho in there, not everyone transitions like Ancelotti or Guardiola etc. I’m crossing my fingers for Del Piero, he will probably always be my favorite player, I can imagine him having some of Mancini’s characteristics as a coach. Time will tell, Italia has no shortage of fantastic tacticians and candidates.

  5. dan

    Del Piero is a great man but he’s brainless. De Rossi led by example his whole career but he’s not tactics guy at all. Me’s a mentality type of guy. Could work. Pazzini? Brainless…Matri..brainless.

  6. Frys

    Del Piero is a millionaire but his teeth are all yellow?

  7. MIKE

    Dan, you happen to know that Del Piero is brainless, De Rossi doesnt know tactics, Pazzini Brainless ?
    Did you have them over for dinner or something ?
    What in the FUDGE are you talking about. Are you a tactics guy ? Maybe you should take the exam ? You remind me of those fat slobs eating doritos on the couch watching the miss america pageant saying things like …. “shes too fat” .

  8. dan

    One things for certain, Mike….you’re also in that group of brainless individuals.


    DAN and FRYS : SHUT UP !!

  10. henry

    Matri a coach give me a break

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