Matthijs de Ligt explains why he initially struggled with the ‘intensity’ of Bayern Munich training after leaving Juventus.

The former Juve defender moved to Germany over the summer and returned to Italy for this evening’s 2-0 Champions League victory over Inter at San Siro.

“It was a very good game, we played well, obviously it wasn’t perfect, but we played our game, so did Inter and in the end we got the result,” De Ligt told Sky Sport Italia.

The Dutchman was not shy about telling the German media that he saw big differences in the training sessions at Juventus and Bayern Munich, so he was asked to give a little more clarity on those comments.

“I am playing in training against some of the best strikers in the world. It was a little difficult at first, but day by day, you learn and improve. This is very important for me.

“Both training regimes are hard, but in Italy it’s more about tactics and systems, less intensity and above all less sprinting.

“I struggled a little at the start because I was not accustomed to the intensity level of the training at Bayern, but now I am in good shape.”

8 thought on “De Ligt: ‘Bayern training more intense than Juventus’”
  1. PhD Max does not need t give intense training schedules. After all he is a 2 time CL winner and a 6 time scudetto winner. 1 thanks to a stellar Milan side and the rest with no competition. Plus he nearly blew 3 of them as well.

  2. I heard PHD Max used an anaolgy of a crab on a treadmill playing a game of space invaders to help simplify his tactics for De Ligt, but De ligt couldn’t comprehend his tactical wizardry and cried like a baby.

  3. @LORD ALLEGRI PATRON SAINT OF SLOW BALL. Allegri’s never won the Champions League, two times Champions League finalist but not won anything in Europe.

  4. Lads started only 4 games for Bayern…he means the Bayern bench is more intense, not the training

  5. he’s not wrong, most people do ay bayern training sessions are the worlds most intense sessions.

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