Davide Ancelotti: ‘Dad proposed himself to Real Madrid’

Davide Ancelotti, the son of coach Carlo and his assistant manager at Real Madrid, reveals the tactician offered himself to the Merengues and winning the Champions League after Milan got the Scudetto makes it a ‘dream season.’

Real Madrid beat Liverpool 1-0 in the Final in Paris this evening thanks to a goal from Vinicius Junior and the series of remarkable Thibaut Courtois saves.

It is the fourth time that Ancelotti has won the Champions League, his second with 32-year-old son Davide on the bench with him.

Davide spoke to Sky Sport Italia mere moments after the final whistle at Stade de France.

“I feel empty, I still need to realise what happened. We have done something extraordinary, it’ll hit me soon,” Ancelotti told Sky Sport Italia.

“Just reaching the Final against a team like this was very difficult, we’ve done incredible things with these players this season. When the players do that, it brings magic.

“What can you say about these players?! They won six Champions League titles!

“It means being a champion and he is a champion.”

Did father and son say anything to each other before walking out for this match?

“Just a handshake, tighter than usual, but above all a sense of great faith in these lads. We gave them information on the opponents and how to approach it, but these guys know what they’re doing.”

The staff also showed a special video compilation to the players as part of their preparation for the Final.

“They were good luck messages from all their family members. It was a surprise in Lisbon, but there were six Finals after that and it’s no longer a surprise, but it’s still an emotional moment.”

Davide Ancelotti reveals it was in fact Carlo who offered himself to Real Madrid last summer when he was still in charge of Everton, seeking a return after his successful spell from 2013-15.

“He proposed himself to Real Madrid and said look, if you want to call, then I am here. They took a little time to think about it and called back, so he didn’t hesitate for a moment.

“We love Real Madrid, just as we love Milan, so a season like this is a dream.”

The Rossoneri won their first Serie A title in 11 years.

10 Comments on “Davide Ancelotti: ‘Dad proposed himself to Real Madrid’”

  1. @Tom
    It is a job that someone has to do it.
    Carlo isn’t a traitor, just a good man and a good coach. Unfortunately working for a wrong team

  2. @Tom, Traitors you say?

    So if a Spanish coach helps an Italian side win cups, are they traitors?

    If a Spanish player who plays for an Italian side, are they traitors as well in your way of thinking?

    Italy can learn a thing or two from Spain.

    I’d say good luck to them and all the best.

    I’m a Lazio fan by the way and I have Italian background.

  3. @Tom
    Be serious. As an Italian I am proud of King Carlo.
    This is professionalism, baby. Professionalism! And you can’t do anything about it. Anything!

  4. Time for Carlo&Son to work for la Nazionale. Get them in for the Euro Qualifiers. Grazie Mancio for everything you done……

  5. He failed at Everton. He was unsuccessful at Everton. He didn’t win any cups at Everton. He was coward and ran away from small club like Everton. He just wanted to manage a big and richest club. If he succeeded at Everton, I will respect him.

  6. @John the fact that Everton almost got relegated this season is testament to the job Carlo did the season before.
    He finished 10th with mediocre players and hes a heavy weight manager. No point wasting time with unambitious clubs that cant spend and operate on his wavelength.

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