According to reports, Roma will have to play the remaining 20 minutes of their Serie A match with Udinese on April 25, a decision that angered the Giallorossi.

The Week 32 game was suspended last Sunday at the 72nd minute when Evan Ndicka went to ground with chest pains and breathing difficulties.

He was stretchered off and then taken to hospital after an EKG gave ‘worrying’ readings in the medical room, which prompted his teammates to ask for the match to be definitively suspended.

It turned out after a night in hospital to be a collapsed lung and Ndicka was celebrating on the pitch last night when Roma qualified for the Europa League semi-finals.

Because the first leg of that clash with Bayer Leverkusen is on May 2 at the Stadio Olimpico, Roma had asked not to reschedule these 20 minutes for April 25.

It means they therefore have to play Napoli on April 28, whereas Bayer Leverkusen will get an extra day’s rest.

There are reports this evening that the Lega Serie A ignored their request and will ask the teams to reunite at the Bluenergy Stadium on April 25.

Verona, Atalanta and Empoli refused to allow them to play it in May.

As per the Serie A rules, a game that was suspended will resume from the moment it stopped, so they have to resume from the 72nd minute with the scoreline at 1-1.

One thought on “Date for Udinese-Roma reschedule angers Giallorossi”
  1. This is really ridiculous. If match is suspended it should start from the beginning. Who made this rule is living in another world.

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