Danilo discussed the emergence of young talents in the Juventus first team, the absence of Paul Pogba and the upcoming Derby d’Italia against Inter.

The Bianconeri are in a difficult moment following their Champions League elimination earlier this week and are desperate to bounce back on the pitch against the Nerazzurri. Pressure is continuing to grow on Massimiliano Allegri and his squad, who’ll be looking forward to the upcoming World Cup break.

Speaking to DAZN, Danilo first discussed Juventus’ current form and what needs to be done following their poor start.

“We are 10 points from the first place, which is what we must aim for. Juve must always win, I can’t say we’re in a good moment, but I know we have the ability to look beyond.

“Aiming for the top of the table, because it’s a goal that can be reached with the attitude we’re showing in the last few games, and trying to keep away from what is said by those off the pitch. In the victory in Lecce I saw a demonstration of strength.

“In football as in life there are bad moments, but the desire to get back up is always more important. Beyond the victory, the important thing was the attitude, which was the right one.”

The Brazilian defender then discussed the young talents in the Juventus first team and what they share with Manchester City star Phil Foden.

“I remember Phil Foden when I was at Manchester City, he was 17 years old, I saw in his eyes that there was that desire to learn, to improve, to be with the greatest. 

“Here at Juve right now I see players like Miretti, like Fagioli, who have that desire in their eyes, and for us who are more experienced it’s an extra push. 

“I often try to talk to them, to give them some advice, and it’s something that I need first and foremost, that motivates me, it gives me something extra to be there with them. 

“In this moment we need their help a lot, also because they are players who have been at Juventus since childhood.

“It is clear that to be at Juventus you don’t just need to play good football, you need to have the head and the ability to be there in the decisive moments, in the most difficult ones, and in my opinion they can give a lot to this team in the coming years.”

He gave his thoughts on the return of Pogba and the injuries he’s been forced to contend with this season.

“Here at Juventus he is at home. For us it was really sad not to have Paul in these months, but I always see him during the week.

“Even if it is difficult to work at different times from the team, to go to the pool, to go to the gym. And you can feel that he has a great desire to come back and give his contribution, he always shows with his interest and his presence that he wants to be part of this family.”

Finally, Danilo reflected on the Derby d’Italia last season and what he expects from the upcoming game against Inter.

“We had the right attitude, we played well, but we didn’t win and that’s what matters. Playing at Juventus I can’t say, after a defeat, that it was one of the best performances we had last season. 

“They scored, we didn’t, and for us those three points would have been very important in terms of the league. Clearly, the way things went, that defeat took away some of our confidence. 

“I think things could be different this year. With a lot of respect for them, I think we’re getting back to doing things well, to stay in the game, to stay focused, and for this type of match all that is fundamental.”

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