Danilo: ‘Juventus issue is mentality’

by | Sep 19, 2021 22:42

Danilo agreed with Max Allegri that Juventus losing points from leading situations is ‘more an issue of mentality than physical fitness’ after the 1-1 draw with Milan.

The coach was furious following the Ante Rebic equaliser from a corner, as Alvaro Morata had given the Bianconeri the advantage after just four minutes and they dominated the first half, but risked defeat in Turin during the final minutes.

“I agree with the coach that we need to be more of a team, because we are struggling not for the performances, but the results. We must be intelligent and realise what caused these results,” Danilo told DAZN.

Serie A | Juventus 1-1 Milan: Rebic responds to Morata

“We played well the first half, kept possession, pressed high and did what we prepared during the week. In the second half we had to keep that intensity up, but we conceded an avoidable goal.”

Juventus have now fumbled seven points from leading situations in Serie A this season, having gone in front against Udinese, Napoli and Milan, but picked up just two points from four rounds.

“In my view, it’s more an issue of mentality than physical fitness. At those moments we can’t press or move defensively as a unit, we don’t move the ball around quickly enough and that is certainly something we need to improve,” continued Danilo.

Considering Juve are now in 18th place and tomorrow could be 10 points adrift of the Serie A leaders, are they still looking towards the top spot?

“We have to focus only on our own work and our progress, not what the other teams are doing. If we can play at our level, we can certainly climb up the table.”

Napoli visit Udinese on Monday evening and could be the only team left in Serie A this season with a 100 per cent record, as Milan were held to a draw today and Roma lost 3-2 at Hellas Verona.


  1. Brazilian Bianconero

    Issue is Allegri’s Mentality and his braindead football style. Get rid of Rabiot, Ramsey and McKennie. Bring in people who fight hard, work hard and really want to win.

  2. Eddie

    Lord Allegri is a footballing genius. He has created a new comatose style of football where you play intense for 15 minutes and pack up shop or try to play panic football in the 89th minute whilst losing

  3. Dx


  4. Italboy

    Spezia next will test any mental block we have. I expect another tough match.
    Losing will send us bottom i think so i advise every fan to pray for a miracle.

  5. Juventino

    Can someone call Zidane ASAP? ⁰it is not only the results. It is the disgusting football Juventus plays

  6. Ahmed

    And when the so called Attacking football was played where did that take us please let’s just have an identity first and be solid result will follow not every match Allegro out.
    Can you do a better Job??

  7. Dave

    Come back Andrea, all is forgiven

  8. EL CID

    @Ahmed, don’t mind them. They are the real clueless chicken in this situation. And when thing’s not going their way, they will start to cry and blaming on this and that blah blah blah.

    I agree with you, we need our identity back. It has been gone since the Ronaldo project existed. It’s funny how some childish ppl can’t accept the problem that Allegri stuck with mediocre midfielders and the only thing we can do is to play counter attacking football (FOR NOW).

  9. Nana

    Enjoy relegation zone with your darling Allegri LOL. At this moment, even Spezia have a bigger chance to win next week.

  10. Leon

    At the middle, don’t play rabiot and bentacur at the same time

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