Juventus defender Danilo seemed to have the opposite view to coach Max Allegri after their Champions League exit to Villarreal. ‘We need to learn from this and we apologise to the fans.’

The Bianconeri had drawn the first leg 1-1 in Spain and had several big chances here too, including Dusan Vlahovic hitting the crossbar and a tough save on Alvaro Morata.

However, they crumbled in the final 15 minutes when Daniele Rugani gave away an avoidable penalty, Pau Torres tapped in unmarked from a corner and a Matthijs de Ligt handball prompted another spot-kick.

Champions League | Juventus 0-3 Villarreal (1-4 agg): Old Lady sunk by Yellow Submarine

“This is the Champions League, there are teams of a very high level and these things can happen,” Danilo told Mediaset Infinity and Sky Sport Italia.

“We must learn from this, because in order to compete at the highest level, you need to be concentrated all the way to the end. We were too unbalanced going forward and they punished us.

“We made some mistakes, we have to improve and keep working day after day, because tiny details make the difference.

“It’s difficult to understand what just happened. We can only apologise to everyone and learn from this for the future, because this is a valuable lesson in the Champions League.”

This is a very different verdict compared to Allegri, who insisted he would not have changed his approach to the game in hindsight and that his team did play a good game.

7 thought on “Danilo counters Allegri: ‘Juventus must apologise and learn from this’”
  1. I don’t understand how only in Italy do you CONSTANTLY have players and coaches after a loss rationalize that they must learn from this loss going forward. WHAT? Are Juve learning disabled then? They lose in the same way to sub-par (or by that I mean, good teams, but not world beaters) four straight years AT THE SAME point, round of 16. So what more is there to learn? When will you grasp something and actually learn from your experiences? There is no shame in going out when they did. I just wish players and coaches would be more honest and just say, we were not great, lost and that’s that. Don’t try to pawn of the loss as if you have gained something. You obviously have not.

  2. I mean, the guy above me is right. One would think that they have learned their lessons in the last 3 years when they went out to the likes of Ajax, Lyon and Porto. How many lessons done team need?

  3. Yes we learn next season we will know again how to lose for liverpool bayern or psv eindhoven, I like that italian teams are always learning this losing to everyone. Its better for future

  4. There is a simple lesson that Italian teams should have learned years ago: Win the first leg. Best with at least a two goal advantage.
    All the problems Juve had in the last years came from losing (or drawing) the first leg. And they had a chance to blow this wide open at Villareal when they led 1:0. But Allegri decided to play his “style” of football, defend and hope for counterattacks. How did that work out?

  5. Juve did not play well enough to win the game. They let Villareal grow into it and got punished for stupid mistakes. The biggest lesson here is for Allegri imo. He needs to evolve a bit and let his players be more adventurous. Also Arthur needs to grow fast or br sold.

  6. Its not just Juventus. Italian clubs have been left behind by the European giants. Three English clubs, three Spanish clubs and ZERO Italian clubs in the last-eight. Even in Europa, you cannot guarantee an Italian team in the grand finale this season…smh

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