Daniel Maldini close in on SPAL move

by | Jan 28, 2022 11:49

Daniel Maldini is reportedly close to joining Serie B side SPAL on loan until the end of the season.

Calciomercato.com reports the 20-year-old is looking for more playing time and is open to leaving the Rossoneri on loan in January.

Serie B side SPAL have opened talks with Milan and are said to be close to securing his services on a temporary deal until June.

Maldini has played 219 minutes across 11 appearances this season, scoring one goal.

The Rossoneri are also in talks with Valencia over Samu Castillejo, who could return to Spain on a loan deal with an option to buy.

Daniel Maldini


  1. Milan Fan

    Does this mean a new attacking midfielder is going to come?

  2. DB Milan

    @Milan Fan
    My money would be on no there. Pioli will use what he has at 10, Diaz, Krunic, Maybe Kessie or Messias. Looks like any major signings will be done in the summer.

  3. Rosario

    @Milan fan.

    Don’t start again. You’ll get censored for being a troll.

  4. Milan Fan

    @DB Milan

    There are few days until the end of the window, so you might be right. Samu and D.Maldini are surplus to requirements anyway. It just pains me that we have no one suited to playing that role. which is probably the most important in the team. They are all either out of position or incompetent.

  5. Rosario

    @Milan fan.

    ‘we have no one’. WE hahahahahahaha. Bless his cotton socks. We. What is ‘we’? Where is your dad from? hahahahaha

  6. Milan Fan

    @ Rosario

    You must be hungry, because you opened your mouth again, so here comes the crap from me to fill it.

  7. DB Milan

    @Milan Fan
    It’s not ideal, definitely. The 2nd half of this season will likely be similar to last. Won’t be easy viewing but hopefully summer will bring some decent signings.

  8. Milan Fan

    @ Rosario

    Open wide, your lunch is coming.

    My dad was from the same area as the brothel your mom used to work in, so you do the math.

  9. Milan Fan


    I just told you.

  10. gio

    The heck is with you guys bickering on the comments section of an italian news site. Grow up.

  11. Milan Fan

    @ gio

    This clown is obsessed with me. He started trolling me long ago and I ignored this fool for 6 months, but he wouldn’t let go. I swear he’s not right in the head lol Even now he’s the one that comes asking for it with his racist crap, as you can clearly see, and since I’m not into all that “turn your other cheek” s**t, I finally decided to rip into him. I mean, I might turn the cheek once or twice, but the third time I say punch the mf in the mouth so hard that he throws up blood and s**ts bricks for the rest of his life. Wouldn’t you agree?

  12. gio

    Haha I don’t condone violence but I see your point. May I suggest just changing the name by which you leave comments? You know the old saying..”Do not quarrel with a fool. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.”

  13. Bunga2

    Good Lord, what’s with you guys man? Stay civil please.

  14. DB Milan

    I was born on the steps of the Duomo di Milano. The son of a Nigerian bracelet seller and an Italian scullery maid. We didn’t have much but we had the most important thing…love. My father would force his bracelets on unsuspecting tourists while my mother slaved away, earning what she could. Meanwhile I spent my youth selling fake tickets outside Teatro alla Scala. Oh how the rich people would chase me when they realised.

    If you enjoyed my story you can expect more of the same when I become Super-Mod on the new FI forum.

  15. Milan Fan

    @ gio

    I admit the joke is on me. After all, he finally managed to trigger me and a few others. But hey, as I said the other day on another page the kid in me is enjoying this. Some losers need a spanking from behind their computer. Handicapped people such as this guy like to use words because they can’t use their fists and life has treated them harshly, but then again I also have enough words to give him the virtual spanking he so desperately needs, unlike him who after some time just became the broken record you see today hahaha

  16. Dollarumma

    As soon as I saw 25 comments in the thumbnail, I knew its Rosario and Milan Fan biting each other again.
    You guys are gonna get the possibility to comment on posts banned from FI.

  17. Rosario


    Honestly, how can I not when he refers to Milan as ‘we’?? hahahaha. He’s angry because FI deleted all his comments, and now he’s looking for friends to hear his pain.

  18. Milan Fan

    @ Rosario

    There it is again, the broken record lol At least you used to be fun before, now that you’re out of words you’re just boring me, and it’s so dull to enter a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

    Keep thirsting.

  19. Cypher

    Dear kids, if you must troll, learn to punctuate properly FFS!!

  20. DB Milan

    Probably correct there. Would be easier for the mods anyway.

  21. DB Milan

    Is he gone to the Calcio Storico website yet? Shocked he is all about this English game and English website.

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