COVID Chaos: Napoli stars quarantined after travel, others wear masks against Juventus?

by | Jan 5, 2022 18:35

In an extraordinary new twist, Napoli have been told three players – Piotr Zielinski, Amir Rrahmani and Stanislav Lobotka –should go into quarantine, despite travelling to Turin today, while it’s possible the others can only face Juventus wearing masks.

The interpretation of the latest Government decree is causing all sorts of problems, because while it technically means many players won’t have to go into quarantine despite being close contacts with those who have tested positive, the exact details of what they can do is another matter.

The rule is only for those who received their second or third vaccine within the last 120 days.

Napoli were given the all-clear by the ASL Napoli 1 to travel to Turin by plane this afternoon and made the journey, arriving this evening.

Once they landed, the club was informed by the ASL Napoli 2 (which covers a different area of the huge city) that three players did not fit into the new decree and were not exempt from the quarantine.

That is because Zielinski, Rrahmani and Lobotka did not have their most recent jabs within 120 days.

They are ordered to go into quarantine and self-isolate at home, which is going to be tricky, because they are already in Turin.

Napoli confirmed as much, even posting a picture on social media of Zielinski in the plane.

Even those who do fit under the quarantine exemption law might not necessarily be allowed to play, because the rule states they can only exit their homes wearing a FFP2 level mask.

Does that therefore mean they’ll be expected to play wearing masks on the pitch?

As is often the case in Italy, there is no clarity and the decree is open to interpretation.

It’s not over either, because the game is in Turin, which means the Torino ASL has to get involved too.

This is the same Torino ASL that today barred Torino from travelling for the planned game against Atalanta tomorrow due to COVID cases.


  1. Jacob

    Only in Italy…

  2. Milan Fan

    The game will be cancelled.

  3. Marco

    there’s no way this will go ahead – whole fixture list for tomorrow should be postponed

  4. ADP10

    Sorry to say it but..Italy is a mess. No clear rules.. Take a look at the ugly stadiums too….the organisation of the’s far from appealing and attractive.


    Just blame everything on Juventus. Works every time.

  6. Frank

    Um, play with masks? Will they give yellow cards to people who pull them down when they are running?

  7. Kocip

    Football just used covid as a perfecr excuse

    Just play everyone who is categorically fit including primavera squad

    I am sure, they are more than enough of a team

  8. Mclupo

    The worrying question is; “Would the Italian championship, or all the othe championships survive the winter, and with how many players?”

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