Courtois says Italy vs. Belgium is a ‘useless game’

by | Oct 8, 2021 21:59

Belgium play Italy in the battle for third place in the UEFA Nations League, something Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois doesn’t understand. ‘We are playing for nothing’.

The Red Devils ‘threw away’ a 2-0 lead against France and eventually lost 3-2 on Thursday and Courtois was not happy with the result at the Allianz Stadium.

Nations League | Belgium 2-3 France: Theo Hernandez completes comeback

Thus the Belgians set up a match against Italy at 14.00 UK time on Sunday, and Courtois was not happy after the defeat to Les Bleus.

“As always, when you have a 2-0 lead, you can’t throw away the win,” Courtois said, according to Nieuwsblad in Belgium. “But we did.”

He was not happy about playing for the third place in the UEFA Nations League either, calling the date with Italy as a ‘useless’ game.

“We are playing for nothing. To arrive third or fourth in the Nations League is not interesting for anyone,” he said.

“It’s a useless game. I don’t know why we are playing, it’s like a training match.”

Thibaut Courtois


  1. Al

    He’s right! Useless game and players can get injured needlessly!

  2. who me

    100% right.

    … and makes the loser look even worse like chokers.

  3. Milan Fan

    Well he’s not wrong.

  4. Kev

    The entire tournament is pointless

    Euro cup just played

    Another scheme of UEFA to maximize those revenues. Meanwhile players get back with less than a couple days rest in some cases, injuries, covid spread, for what?

  5. Vittorio

    I am so pleased to know that a quality professional futball/GK stated this publicly.

    There were a number of us who wrote and expressed similar beliefs about this.

    Personally, I appreciate the fans of futball who hold similar views.

    Curtois just vindicated the % of us who understand this sport.

  6. Boori

    Another human agree with me that international football is boring and should be played only here and there and not one game per minute. Man I swear the most boring time is the international break.

  7. MARCO

    I mean sure it’s useless, but it’s either this or friendlies? This at least brings a bit of interest…

    If Courtois thinks its useless, don’t play?

  8. Sammy

    Trying to psych out Italy … hmmm we know your game.. but seriously who wants play for 3rd or 4th for nations league tournament??

    He can claim injury have his his second play thou.

    I think it’s good preparation in a way if played before major tournaments like a World Cup or Euro. At least there is Prize money.

    Nations League prize money
    Winner: $12.1 million. Runner-up: $10.4 million. 3rd Place: $9.2 million. 4th Place: $8.1 million

  9. Burky

    So than there is something to play for. Mad world…

  10. ROMAntic

    Where are all the people who enjoyed watching Italy-Spain & Belgium-France semis?
    Surely I’m not the only one who’s looking forward to the unpredictable Nations League finals & even the Italy-Belgium match??
    (It’s shameful that I need to come out of my “FI retirement” to defend this competition.)

    I want to congratulate all Milan fans who booed Donnarumma. You are true passionate fans. I hope you’ll never let that traitor off the hook!
    (Though I do understand his decision: Bigger salary, French girls, beautiful Paris, Super-Star teammates, French girls, real shot at CL, French girls…)

  11. Vittorio

    @Sammy and Burky…

    1. This tournament and it’s allocated prize $ should remain a competition exclusive for “smaller” nations FiFA ranked between # 21-lower within Europe.

  12. Adi

    He’s spot on its a pointless game and the tournament is rubbish joke Italy need to win against the swiss and Ireland far more important than a mickey mouse trophy

  13. Darrel Jupiter jupiter

    This Tournament was Introduce by Uefa to please or Help there Famous Friends From EFA, EPL or England to Try to Win sumthing or a Cup Atlast… Since 1966 No Trophy For England… But Still England are Not Able to Even Reached the Final Yet….

  14. Francis

    Not as useless as Belgium so called golden generation

  15. Spacely sprockets

    Honestly I don’t even know what the Nations League is, and I have zero interest in finding out. It’s kind of like football at the Olympics, I just have no interest.

  16. FERBAN

    Pointless game. More needless games being played for no reason.

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