Courtois hits out at the busy schedule: ‘We are not robots’

by | Oct 11, 2021 10:22

Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois slams the governing bodies in football after Belgium lost 2-1 to Italy in the UEFA Nations League on Sunday.

The Belgian goalkeeper had already voiced his opinion about the fight for third place with the Azzurri in Turin, labelling the match ‘useless’.

Courtois started in goal for the Red Devils, when Nicolò Barella and Domenico Berardi scored the goals to give Italy bronze in the Nations League 2020-21.

But the goalkeeper continued the protests in his post-match interview, concerned about the players’ health and the fixture list growing busier and busier with every season.

“It’s just a money game, and we have to be honest about it,” Courtois said, according to ESPN. “For UEFA, it’s extra money and it’s an extra game because it’s on TV.

Courtois says Italy vs. Belgium is a ‘useless game’

“Of course, everyone wants to play, but look at how much both teams changed. If the teams had been in the Final, there would have been other players playing. This just shows that we play too many games.”

And Courtois continued to slam the governing bodies of football by pointing at an even more busy schedule over the next year, with the winter World Cup in Qatar.

“Next year, we have a World Cup in November, we’ll have to play until the latter stages of June again,” he continued. “We will get injured.

“Nobody cares about the players. In June, after a long season, you’ll have to play four games in the Nations League, you’ll get two weeks holiday.

“That’s not enough for players to continue for 12 months at the highest level. If we never say anything, it’s always the same.”

Nations League | Italy 2-1 Belgium: Azzurri take bronze medal

Courtois continued to comment on FIFA considering hosting a World Cup every two years and points at the Super League project which collapsed.

“They’re against the Super League, but they just do the same. They put extra games, they made an extra trophy, the Conference Cup or whatever the name is… It’s always the same.

“They can be angry about teams wanting a Super League, but they don’t care about the players, they just care about their pockets.

“Now you hear that they want to put a European Championship and a World Cup every year. When will we rest? Never. In the end, top players will get injured and injured and injured… We are not robots. It’s just more and more games, and less rest for us, and nobody cares.”

Thibaut Courtois


  1. Gee

    Absolutely perfectly said!

  2. Nick

    Wow, with him 100% Courtois! Top class! Very well said.

    Have to admire his bravery and courage to make these statements. Hope more players get behind him and show a solidarity of support.

    Leeches running the game.

  3. maserati

    Well this is football today, 110% pure business

    Well Said by Courtois!

  4. Boori

    I do not understand, you have the European Championship what’s the point of this Nations League?

  5. joe del monte

    Yes there is too many games and this Nations league is over the top. If they want the world cup every 2 years then get rid of the Euro’s and the Nations cup and only have the world cup. Too many competitions is just confusing and you are watering down the product.

  6. Nick

    The first place of the WC (along with host Qatar) goes to the winner of the Nations League, so that’s a bit of a prize. Yesterday’s final was good and full of quality. Felt and played like a real final. The goals and football quality of the semis were high level as well to be honest.

    However they can easily drop the 3rd place play off to spare the players a bit. That seemed to be one of Courtois’ main points too.

  7. George

    Moans about it! Paid ridiculous money! I wonder if these players would take a lightened schedule for a lighter pay packet? That’s why there is more and more games! Cuz these lot take more and more money

  8. JuveIndia

    100% agree

    I mean WTF is Nations Cup and say less about a 3rd place playoff??? We just had Euro and WC Q going on for crying out loud.

  9. Burky

    Agree with him, but this didn’t start today. Let’s see if any change will happen.

  10. Bash

    IF he wants to be paid a lot of money he needs to put up with this so that enough money can be generated to pay him.

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