Could Juventus be sold?

There are speculations about Juventus‘ possible sale, but no evidence that holding company Exor has opened talks with potential investors.

The front page of today’s edition of Il Corriere Dello Sport reads ‘They are selling Juve’ suggesting that the Bianconeri owners are considering the club’s future and will sell it for a suitable offer soon.

However, the article inside the paper doesn’t offer a clear view of the situation. It highlights how costs have skyrocketed over the last few years, suggesting that some shareholders could therefore sell their stocks.

Exor holds a 63.77% stake in the club which will be run by Gianluca Ferrero starting from January 18, 2023.

There’s no mention of ongoing talks between Juventus owners and potential buyers, but the article stresses that John Elkann would only consider selling the club if he realises the investment made by the family is not giving expected results.

As of today, Exor has not decided to sell Juventus and will name a new board of directors for the cub in the coming weeks, starting a new course after resignations from Andrea Agnelli and his board of directors on Monday.

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