There is an extremely remote possibility Italy could be promoted to the 2022 World Cup if Iran are excluded for banning women from the stadium.

The theory was floated by Sport Mediaset, followed by Sky Sport Italia and Sportitalia, but remains very, very improbable.

It became an issue because Iran locked 2,000 women out of the stadium for their World Cup qualifier against Lebanon, despite the fact they had purchased tickets.

Iran won the game 2-0, but had already been warned by FIFA in 2019 to stop banning women from the stands.

As this is a repeat offence, member of the Iranian Football Federation Mehrdad Seradschi noted on Twitter he had heard “worrying news from FIFA and the Asian Football Confederation.”

The most extreme approach would be for FIFA to exclude Iran from the 2022 World Cup, for which they have already booked their spot.

If that were to happen, in theory FIFA could promote in their place a country with the highest co-efficient in the world rankings that has missed out.

That would be current Champions of Europe Italy, who didn’t even make it to the play-off finals after a 1-0 defeat to North Macedonia.

33 thought on “Could Italy get 2022 World Cup recall if Iran excluded?”
  1. FIFA won’t ban them for that. Its disgraceful, yes but FIFA chose to have it in Qatar. Does that inspire anyone to think they care about anyone or any group?

  2. FIFA should have already taken the lead in prohibiting these countries that marginalize women and minorities. But what do they do, host the final in Qatar. A country with horrible human rights abuses. But then why isn’t Italy judged for their rate of femicide that still continues to this day. And the weekly racist chants in every stadium. Just saying.

  3. Not this garbage again – these type of articles were released last time. It’s not going to happen – Italy will not be at the WC this year. Just focus on rebuilding for the next Euros.

  4. I agree Del Piero. Italy will get back up. We just have to sit there and take this. I hate these articles. Not gonna happen.

  5. You know this will not happen. One thing that bothers me though is how Poland got away with only playing 1 play-off game. They should have re done the draw with another team coming in. Maybe they will cancel the whole tournament. There are lots of valid reasons to do this. I am still sick that Italy did not qualify

  6. When FIFA decided to ban Russia, they should have redrawn the playoffs and pushed the final qualifiers back to the summer (Like they are doing to accommodate for Ukraine). Poland getting a bye, and Whales getting months to prepare for their final match is not fair to all teams involved.
    If a schedule change would’ve happened Italy’s missing players would have the time needed to recover.

  7. Why would you kick out iran and bring in a team that can’t even beat North Macedonia? Not to mention a large number of World Cup visitors/teams will be staying on the nearby Iranian Kish islands with reportedly 400 direct flights planned during the tournament.

    There’s no excuse for losing to north Macedonia. And it’s not the first time Italy have missed the World Cup. Get better.

  8. How do you not qualify if your unbeaten. Some South American teams lost 6 games and their in. Gimme a break. Horrible format, some countries don’t deserve it, tournament is so watered down, money hungry fifa!

  9. I think Italy lost fair and square to North Macedonia and does not deserved to be in the world cup. I’m from Iran. What happened was not right. Fifa can instead send those women who bought tickets and could not attend the game to Qatar to see the national team play in the World Cup.

  10. Dre,

    What are you writing? Italy are not unbeaten in these Qualifiers. They lost in the 92nd Minute to North Macedonia.

    Also too many Draws.

  11. Although I am a die-hard fan of the Azzurri, it doesn’t make any sense to bring a team from Europe to take an Asian slot, there are lots of strong Asian teams who can easily beat 2nd-tier European teams, similar to Macedonia. So even if this happens, it should be UAE or Australia to take over the slot directly.

  12. FIFA not for politics they said. Also no racism. But why attack against particular religion based law?
    Many UEFA nations did Racism but only Serbia, what i ever heard, punished for that.

  13. @Azzuri They said it wouldn’t be a World Cup without the Dutch in a recent tournament. As I recall it went just fine.

  14. I think it would only be reasonable to send someone 3rd, not Italy nor Iran.

    Because both of them have not proven worthy of playing in World Cup at this moment in time. Italy because they legit didn’t qualify and Iran because of disregarding human rights.

    Whoever was the next closest to qualify, of that I’m not sure, but they should go to World Cup.
    (Italy still is one of my favorite teams though)

  15. Sending Italy would be the lesser of two evils.
    There’s also a fantasy idea where Italy and Iran have a match and decide who goes :p

  16. Italy is the highest ranked team that didn’t qualify . They only lost 2 games in 4 years. 1 and done is BS. What happened to best out of 2. Iran was warned and they didn’t follow. That’s why many women came to Canada.

  17. This is rubbish it will never happen. FIFA have published Irans spot for the World Cup and why would they punish the players.

    Let’s all move on and ignore all the what the rubbish media and chucking at us.

    We need to build depth for the next World Cup in 4 years

  18. It is a shame that Italy was eliminated from the World Cup twice in a row and they were under the illusion Even if Iran is eliminated, an Asian team will be replaced. The quality of the Asian game, good or bad, is up to us You think that because you live in Europe, your blood is more colorful If so, you are ignorant

  19. @ Roberto’s “why would they punish the players”
    Russian athletes are being punished for the actions of their regime so why not same in Iran?

  20. Please respect the acquired rights of the teams. There is no doubt that Italy is one of the best football teams, but the fact is that it has been eliminated twice, which may be due to bad luck or any other reason. It is really ugly that you wish that my country’s team Iran is eliminated and your team is replaced. By doing so, I think you are hurting the value of the football team and Italy. Hopefully your team will be in the World Cup in the years to come Please stop insulting the level of play of other continents. If football had been invested in our country as much as in your country, we would have been the best team. Each region has its own conditions
    Akbar’s message from Iran to the Italian people

  21. I really hope this happens. Italy are a good team and I really believe they have a team to win it. But we’ll see.

  22. The Macedonian player scored after handling the ball. It’s clear on multiple angles. Why was that not overturned, ask yourself? Italy has themselves to blame up until that point. Jorginho the worst culprit. but handling the ball is not allowed, period.

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