Could Fagioli be key to Juventus signing Roma’s Nicolo Zaniolo?

They key to Juventus signing Nicolo Zaniolo could lie with Nicolo Fagioli, according to reports in Italy.

Zaniolo has been a target for the Bianconeri since be became a first-team regular at Roma and has been heavily linked with a move away from the Italian capital this summer.

Milan are also reportedly interested in the Italy international but Italian media updates suggested the two clubs’ valuation is very far apart.

Tuttosport report a meeting is likely to take place soon between Juve and Roma and Fagioli could be used as a makeweight to get the deal done.

The report claims Roma would prefer a young player rather than a first-team star Juve would be willing to dispense with such as Weston McKennie, Adrien Rabiot or Moise Kean.

Although Juve boss Massimiliano Allegri would be keen to keep Fagioli, Roma’s interest in the 21-year-old could force their hand in their bid to sign Zaniolo.

Incidentally, Zaniolo himself was signed by Roma as part of a player exchange when he was included in the deal which saw Radja Nainggolan join Inter in 2019.

23 Comments on “Could Fagioli be key to Juventus signing Roma’s Nicolo Zaniolo?”

  1. Fagioli has a better future than Zaniolo imho
    Juve should absolutely keep him
    Send them miretti or arthur or kean and Grab Zaniolo NOT FAGIOLI

  2. No way we send them Miretti @Brian! I’d hate to give up Fagioli too but Miretti is a predestinatio. Ranocchia would be the best outcome if they dont want Arthur, Rabiot or Kean.

  3. Both are screwed in either case with PhD Sun Tzu Max at the helm of the titanic.

  4. Definitely agree with this swap however i can easily see roma accepting 45meuros with fagioli. Roma board have only sold 1 player at a high price Allison to Liverpool 65meuros – look how much they sold salah to Liverpool – criminal low fee. Rloma are not a big club = Juve are

  5. Miretti, Fagioli, Ranocchia and Rovella are all top young midfielders but we are crazy if we think Juve can keep all of them and give them all the necessary playing time to develop. We will need to sacrifice at least one of these to make the Zaniolo deal go through and possibly other deals. I’d prefer to keep Miretti and Fagioli, but the other two are very good prospects. All 4 are better than Arthur, Rabbiot and McKennie.

  6. to me miretti is the best of the young midfielders. then fagioli and then rovella. for me it would be ok to get rid of fagioli for zaniolo.

  7. @Brian, Miretti is the future of Juve! He can play anywhere in the midfield and Fagiolli is not that versatile. Both should stay at Juve and Zaniolo is not that worthy to loose either Miretti or Fagioli, but if Juve has to keep and choose between Miretti and Fagiolli, the first one is the best choice.

  8. How can anyone say any of these youngsters over Zaniolo – none of them have proved anything yet, Zaniolo has on the other hand, wondergoals, champions league goals, europa league goals, European final goal. A lot of nonsense in these comments. CHIESA VLAHOVIC ZANIOLO is potentially a best front three in Europe and all 24 and under. I can name 10 Italian midfielders better than the 3 Juve youngsters mentioned in the comments which have everything to prove, yet Zaniolo fit, starts in a trident for Italy, if it came down to it he’d even take Barella’s place as a CM/AM, but his position will be as a WF for Italy so both can play. Let’s not talk rubbish here. Juve would be lucky to get Zaniolo. From looking like zero key Italians , they’d have Italy’s two most exciting players CHIESA and ZANIOLO.

  9. Fagiolo is 21 with Serie B experience. Zaniolo is 22 with champions league experience, just won the conference league. Its not even close.

  10. @marco and @G have the correct perspective on this question. Too many people who play football manager and think of every prospect as if they are a guaranteed star. I’ll take the youngster who has accomplished his highlights against top opposition versus the kid with a lot of hype from the lower divisions. Zaniolo is only 22.

  11. Too many people are coming at this from a quality/experience angle. What about attitude, professionalism and consistency? And why are Roma and Mourinho prepared to let such a talented player leave?

    Throughout his early career, Zaniolo has consistently shown a lack of maturity with his tardiness, obsession with social media and his alleged cheating on and leaving his pregnant girlfriend. He hasn’t grown up and he could, sadly, be another huge talent who does not live up to his potential.

  12. I agree with @bruno

    Zaniolo has played in bigger games than fagiolo but he is a limited player mentally. To be honest, I don’t see why Juve would be interested in zaniolo when they already have chiesa who is a similar player in terms of having main strength being one on one power and finishing. Neither are playmakers.

  13. PhD Obi Wan Max will teach Zany Zaniolo the art of lovemaking. I can say with absolute certainty that PhD Max has got that max D that fits nicely in my hole and stretches my rim while creaming it up nicely.

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