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21:58 That’s all for the Liveblog

Check the main site for more post-match coverage and we’ll see you tomorrow for Fiorentina vs. Atalanta.

21:57 Match report


21:56 FT: Juventus 2-0 Lazio

Federico Chiesa and Dusan Vlahovic goals, the 2nd leg is on April 23.

21:52 Promising

Juve pull a ball across the face of goal, but nobody there to meet it, then Kenan Yildiz curler wide of the far top corner.

21:51 Into stoppages

5 minutes.

21:48 Juve subs

Alex Sandro and Alcaraz on, Kostic and McKennie off

21:47 Juve sub

Weah booked for late tackle on Felipe Anderson, then Vlahovic replaced by Kean.

21:45 Juve chance

Kenan Yildiz dribbles forward, combines with Rabiot, wins two tackles, finds Vlahovic, who rolls across for the Weah return pass, but crucially intercepted in the six-yard box by the outstretched boot of Mandas!

21:40 Subs

Yildiz and Weah on, Chiesa and Cambiaso off

Hysaj replaces Gila

21:39 Lazio corner

Danilo deflection is risky on a corner, but then the second attempt plucked out of the air by Perin.

21:36 Bremer back on his feet

But looks like he if not lost a tooth, then probably dislodged it…

21:34 Oof

Bremer gets a Castellanos shoulder in the face. Sore.

21:32 Lazio subs

Castellanos and Kamada on, Immobile and Luis Alberto off

21:31 Vlahovic goal



21:30 Gatti close

On the resulting corner, Gatti header inches wide of the back post!

21:29 Chiesa chance

Chiesa chests down a Perin long ball at the touchline, runs into the box and Casale makes the tackle – but JUST gets a bit of the ball. That was very risky…

21:27 Vlahovic loves Lazio

That is his seventh goal in nine games against the Aquile.

21:24 Juventus 2-0 Lazio: Dusan Vlahovic!

McKennie redirects the ball more than passes it, sending Vlahovic into the box, he confuses Casale with a stepover and then cuts inside to sweep into the far bottom corner with the left foot!

21:22 Immobile attempt

Luis Alberto through ball sends Immobile running, he cuts back inside, but the shot is charged down.

21:21 Ah

No corner because Chiesa handled in that rather bad first touch.

21:20 Juventus chance

McKennie and Vlahovic spark a counter-attack, Chiesa can’t get it under control and then the Locatelli scorcher seems to be deflected wide. No corner given.

21:19 For the Americans


21:19 Wasted free kick

Lazio free kick, but Luis Alberto ball floated in and cleared rather easily.

21:16 Chiesa goal


21:15 Vlahovic attack

Vlahovic decides to just bulldoze his way through three Lazio defenders, but eventually they manage to block him off.

21:15 Chiesa style

Chiesa back-heel flick sends Rabiot down the left, but he doesn’t even get a corner.

21:13 Lazio biting back

They’re certainly fired up, throwing themselves into tackles.

21:10 Juventus 1-0 Lazio: Federico Chiesa!

That was all they needed, a well-timed pass! Locatelli fought to keep the ball in play at the touchline, then Cambiaso with a genius pass through the centre to send Chiesa running, he kept his cool to sweep into the far bottom corner with the inside of the right boot!

21:07 Juve warm-up

Alex Sandro is the first to be warming up.

21:05 2nd half kicks off: Juventus 0-0 Lazio

Confirmed, Casale replaces Patric.

21:03 The mood at Juve


20:57 Lazio sub

Casale, who became a father yesterday, is ready to replace Patric for Lazio.

20:47 Half-Time: Juventus 0-0 Lazio

Luis Alberto off the bar, Juve had a penalty revoked for offside. Boos from the crowd.

20:47 The mood at Juve

The players are muttering and moaning at each other constantly, this time Chiesa for an over-hit pass.

20:45 Rabiot shot on target

It is on target, but the Rabiot volley is also straight at Mandas for an easy smother. In the build-up, McKennie perhaps fortunate to get away with a lunge of a tackle.

20:44 Lazio the better team

Luis Alberto mis-hits the pass for Isaksen, that was a very promising Lazio move.

20:43 That penalty


20:39 Lazio off the crossbar!

Patric cross from the right, Luis Alberto is allowed a totally free header from 13 yards, it loops in a very odd way, Perin assumes it is going out, but that was close – bounced off the crossbar!

20:36 Gatti booked

Gatti booked for the old ‘step on foot’ with Isaksen and he will be suspended for the second leg.

20:34 Juve chance

Cambiaso should go for goal, gets it stuck under his feet, gives it back to Chiesa, whose shot is charged down. Chiesa irritated with Cambiaso. Just before that the crowd was irritated with Chiesa for passing it backwards. Juve – general sense of irritation.

20:31 Juve panic

Sliding Locatelli tackle on Immobile just outside the box, then Cambiaso gifts a corner on the Isaksen cross.

20:30 Felipe Anderson fuming

Thought he should’ve had a corner – and he was right – but didn’t get the decision off Cambiaso.

20:27 Juve counter

Despite being the home team, Juventus seem to be going for defend and counter here…

20:23 Lazio pushing

Roll across from the left finds Isaksen, Juve defend in numbers and prevent him getting the shot away.

20:21 Patric over

Corner taken short, comes to Patric to balloon well over.

20:21 Isaksen chance

Lazio substitute smacks it from distance, deflection takes it out for a corner.

20:20 The offside call


20:15 Danilo curls wide

Looked more like a cross than a shot, but off target regardless.

20:14 The issue

The referee had to check that because it was a subjective decision – did Patric play the ball on purpose or deflect the Vlahovic header? If he played it, that would cancel out the offside.

20:13 Lazio sub

Zaccagni off, Isaksen on.


Cambiaso offside!

20:12 VAR is checking

Potential offside from Cambiaso, who snuck up behind Vecino… VAR on-field review!

20:11 Penalty for Juventus!

Lazio were down to 10, Vecino went to hoof a bouncing ball clear and did not realise Cambiaso was sneaking up behind him, so ended up kicking the player rather than the ball.

20:10 Zaccagni is still in pain

Not sure he’s coming back… Lazio currently down to 10.

20:09 Zaccagni down hurt

Gatti sliding tackle on Zaccagni, it was the trailing leg that was the main problem, causing the landing.

20:08 Chiesa again

Another give and go, this time with Cambiaso, but again doesn’t quite work.

20:05 Juve threaten

Kostic cross floated in from the left, crucial Romagnoli defending prevents Vlahovic getting on the end of it. Juve get a corner.

20:03 Pass overhit

Promising idea from Chiesa, but Vlahovic over-hit the return pass.

20:00 We have kick-off in Juventus vs. Lazio!

The 2nd leg is on April 23.

19:56 Juventus vs. Lazio line-ups

Juventus: Perin; Gatti, Bremer, Danilo; Cambiaso, McKennie, Locatelli, Rabiot, Kostic; Vlahovic, Chiesa

Lazio: Mandas; Patric, Romagnoli, Gila; Marusic, Guendouzi, Vecino, Zaccagni; Felipe Anderson, Luis Alberto; Immobile

19:55 Still time to vote


19:55 Everybody ready?


19:52 Ouch…


19:51 Tudor comments


19:39 Cristiano Giuntoli


19:28 If you are in America


19:20 Referee

The referee is Davide Massa.

19:10 Warm-up

You can watch the Juventus vs. Lazio warm-ups live on the Lega Serie A YouTube Channel.

18:57 POLL


18:54 Lazio arrive


18:52 Juventus vs. Lazio line-ups

Juventus: Perin; Gatti, Bremer, Danilo; Cambiaso, McKennie, Locatelli, Rabiot, Kostic; Vlahovic, Chiesa

Lazio: Mandas; Patric, Romagnoli, Gila; Marusic, Guendouzi, Vecino, Zaccagni; Felipe Anderson, Luis Alberto; Immobile

Join us for all the build-up and action as it happens from the first leg of the Coppa Italia semi-final between Juventus and Lazio.

It kicks off at the Allianz Juventus Stadium at 20.00 UK time (19.00 GMT).

The second leg will be in Rome on April 23, while the other semi-final between Fiorentina and Atalanta begins on Wednesday.

These two teams met on Saturday in Serie A, with the Biancocelesti winning 1-0 deep into stoppages thanks to an Adam Marusic header.

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