Conte’s requests to Newcastle and why he may not get the job now

by | Oct 20, 2021 11:57

With Steve Bruce and Newcastle parting ways by mutual consent, Antonio Conte is considered one of the candidates to take over at St. James’ Park, but the Italian coach may not get a new job before the summer.

Newcastle announced Steve Bruce’s exit by mutual consent this morning.

“Newcastle United can confirm that Steve Bruce has left his position as head coach by mutual consent,” an official statement read.

Conte to Newcastle: a crazy idea that makes sense

“Graeme Jones will lead the team on an interim basis, starting with the trip to Crystal Palace.”

After PIF’s takeover, Newcastle have a huge budget for new signings and a new top coach.

According to multiple reports in Italy and England, former Inter, Italy, Juventus and Chelsea coach Antonio is one of the candidates for the job.

However, Fabrizio Romano reported last month that the Italian tactician would not accept a new job before the end of the season.

Conte is not a fan of accepting new roles while the campaign is ongoing. Therefore he may not be an immediate replacement for Bruce.

Conte set for Premier League return amid Newcastle, Man Utd rumours

However, Conte doesn’t seem to have closed his door to a possible future move to Newcastle.

According to Alfredo Pedullà, the 52-year-old would request a salary in the region of £15-20m and at least three or four top signings.

La Gazzetta dello Sport reported a few weeks ago that the former midfielder is an option for Newcastle and one of the names on top of their shortlist.


  1. Bunga2

    3-4 top signing? Considering Newcastle is battling relegation right now, he might need more just to compete for the top half IMHO.

  2. Pinturicchio

    If this move does materialise, then it proves only that money matters, nothing else. And, of course, Conte is a sellout.

  3. TSObhung

    Don’t forget purchase Vidal ! lol

  4. feroli

    Conte is not a ‘sell -out”. He is entitled to ask for whatever pay he wants – just like a plumber, a musician, a personal instructor is. If people pay what he asks that is fine. It is a real shame that there is now such a huge gulf in resources between the PL and Serie A. Serie A has to find a way to close the gap – before it becomes insurmountable. Arguably it already is – the CL proves this year after year.

  5. Patrizzio

    Salary caps and a cap on transfers. Thats the only way parity will be restored over time…otherwise it will be a continuous game of monopoly for the rich elite…club football is totally dead imo..which of the top ten rich clubs will make the final THIS year? The game has become a commercial joke, the PL has created an unsustainable market where only the ultra rich can play… i only enjoy international football now, as i think its the fairest game, and purest version of this beautiful, but damned, sport

  6. anthony

    first of all i agree in principle that the sport is a money joke now but italians wernt complaining in the 90s when they monopolised, most spending money they didnt have.

    And second…serie a is hard to market for many reasons 1 being most ppls inability to look past past AC, inter and yuve…all of which have been dull as a bag of spanners the last decade and only 1 winning anything took espn 7 weeks to do 1 video on napoli who were top of the league unbeaten with one of the worlds most exiting players but had already done a few yuve videos and 1 video of mourihno eating a pizza

  7. Patrizzio

    @anthony Until the Bosman ruling came in in 1995, you could oly have three foreign players in a staring eleven, this rule in itself prevented teams monopolising players into their squad as you couldn’t play them. Since the Bosman ruling openened the market up to any player in 95, teams then began to monopolise players…the problem we have reached now is the PL have two or three top players in every position for their squads…look at AC Milan the other night against Porto…7 first team players out, and they have no back up…why? Because the PL has hoovered anyone who can kick a ball into their squads..they have literally three teams of players for every team…add on top of that the ridiculous amounts of money they throw at people…there is no quality left to buy or left for any one else to use…so I do see a huge difference between now and back then…its simply not the same world

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