Antonio Conte has said that his relationship with Juventus was like a marriage, adding that there is always a chance of getting back together, but has also insisted that he is currently enjoying life away from the football pitch. 

The former Juve coach and Italy CT was a guest speaker at the University of Salento, where he was bestowed with an award for sporting excellence on Friday. 

While in Lecce, his hometown, Conte faced questions about a potential return to coaching in Serie A, with particular focus on a ‘dream’ return to Juventus. 

Conte said that he is currently enjoying spending time at home with his family, but did reveal that he would return to work if the right opportunity were to come up. 

“There are two sides to every relationship,” Conte said. “There’s also always a possibility of getting back together. The important thing is that there is a shared understanding of ideas and thoughts. At the moment, I am enjoying the free time I have, I continue to study and broaden my horizons. 

He continued: “For the moment, I am enjoying spending time with my family, there is a desire to rest. Everything can change along the way, but currently, I am enjoying my environment and my surroundings. 

“If something important were to come up, something that gives me the right motivation, I would, of course, go back to work.” 

Conte has been unemployed since his unceremonious departure from Premier League side Tottenham in March. 

He also told the audience that he considered himself to be a decent player, but becoming a coach helped him to understand the game even better. 

“I was a good footballer, I give myself an eight out of 10. I reached that level through hard work, perseverance, resilience and a desire to improve. As a coach, though, I recognise the talents that I didn’t have as a footballer.”

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