Conte bans pasta, pizza and gelato

Antonio Conte banned ice cream, pizza and pasta for Euro 2016.

Antonio Conte banned ice cream, pizza and pasta for Euro 2016. “Being a player is a dream and you must work for it.”
The 46-year-old Coach already showed during his time at Juventus that he is very strict in terms of diet and ensuring players look after themselves.
Accordint to La Stampa newspaper, he will get the Azzurri ready for Euro 2016 by banning snacks, pasta (apart from that made from Khorasan wheat, also known as Kamut), grissini, pizza and sweets.
Carrots are also on the negative list due to their sugar content.
Coverciano and the training camp mini-bars will have no supply of ice cream, crisps or croissants.
“Becoming a player is a dream, not a duty. Therefore you have to work for it,” Conte told
He is in Rome to watch tonight’s Coppa Italia Final between Milan and Juventus, so visited both teams in their hotels.
“Players go on to the field with head, heart and legs. Daily contact with the players is important for me.
“We are not afraid going into Euro 2016, but of course we have respect for strong sides like Germany, France, Belgium, Spain and Portugal.”
Italy are in the same group as Belgium, Sweden and the Republic of Ireland.

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