Conference League | Bodo/Glimt 6-1 Roma: Mourinho humiliated

by | Oct 21, 2021 19:35

Jose Mourinho suffered one of the worst defeats of his entire career, as Roma were incredibly humiliated 6-1 by Norwegians Bodo/Glimt in the Europa Conference League.

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The Giallorossi wanted to maintain their perfect record in the Conference League, but also rested numerous players, especially on a synthetic turf in Norway. Bryan Reynolds and Borja Mayoral got their first starts of the season.

The hosts broke the deadlock with the first real chance, a lovely passing move that saw Erik Botheim complete a give-and-go with Sondre Brunstad Fet to slice the Roma defence in two.

It was almost 2-0, Rui Patricio alert to parry a Morten Konradsen strike from close range, then Mayoral’s first touch let him down running onto the Roger Ibanez assist.

Patrick Berg smashed a ferocious finish into the top corner from outside the box, but the Roma press was non-existent.

Carles Perez had a snapshot from distance, then got a goal back, a great first touch to control the Amadou Diawara ball over the top and keep his cool in sweeping past the goalkeeper.

Amahl Pellegrino threatened a third goal for the hosts on the stroke of half-time, his diving header flashing wide.

Jose Mourinho was clearly unhappy at the break and made a triple substitution, but it didn’t do much good, as Bodo/Glimt restored their two-goal cushion.

Alfons Sampsted did well to dribble to the by-line and manage to pull back for Botheim to tap in unmarked from seven yards.

Ola Solbakken’s strike stung Rui Patricio’s gloves and he got the fourth goal after comfortably sprinting away from Marash Kumbulla to dink it past the goalkeeper.

It went from bad to worse, as the Roma players looked like they were running through treacle and were so slow to react when losing possession. Bodo/Glimt hit a one-two in the space of 94 seconds, first Pellegrino springing the offside trap on a Botheim through ball, then returning the favour for Solbakken’s second.

Bodo/Glimt 6-1 Roma

Botheim 8, 52 (B), Berg 20 (B), Carles Perez 28 (R), Solbakken 71, 80 (B), Pellegrino 78 (B)


  1. Basta Poco

    I was more focused on the Lazio-Marseille game, but kept checking back on the Roma game. I thought the update was mistaken…four second half goals with three in less than 10 minutes?!?! What a bloodbath.

  2. rosario

    Mourinho you legend!!! Please stay forever!!!!

    I have noSSing more to say. noSSing

  3. Rio

    Worst roma performance I’ve ever seen. Califiori and Kumbulla need to never ever play for roma ever again and you can add diawara and Villar to that list aswell. No wonder mourinho has not rotated much this season. The first match where he plays the second string and we get smashed to pieces.

  4. Gamal

    If I was Mourinho I wouldn’t show my face for a month.

  5. Lupo

    If I was Murinho I would resign. Shame Shame Shame 😞

  6. Micah97

    Another Shambolic performance from an Italian Club in Europe. Milan,Roma,Atalanta all lose…Lazio and Napoli draw too. Juve and Inter will get knocked out at last 16 in UCL too.
    Until FIGC and Italian government allow all clubs to build new stadiums,market the league better and stop being corrupt…this is what you will see.At this pt, Italian clubs go into European Competition to make up the numbers..not to compete.Tje league has fallen so far,it is hard to watch these clubs playing teams from other countries.

  7. Lupo

    Califiori Kambulla Daiwara and Villar please do something else but don’t play football anymore. Thank you 😊


    @Micah97 Ah yes, the typical doom talking about Italian clubs. Speak for your team, Juventus is doing great.

  9. Maldinis heir

    Is this the worst performance by an Italian club in Europe of all time?

    It’s hard to think of any team, except Roma v Man U, that have been beaten by more than a few goals, and this result is worse than the Man U game because of who the opposition were.

    Truly appalling.

  10. JuveIndia

    hahahaha got whopped by a school side from Norway!!! Wonder if Mou is going to blame Juve or the ref who gave penalty against Juve, or Juve fans……lets wait and watch in the next episode of Mou’s blame game.

  11. Micah97

    @Master Juve is not elite.Scrapping 1-0 wind will not work in the knockouts when things get serious.
    Refusing to see what is clearly Infront or u is either blindness or stupidity. I cannot see any Italian club in the Quarter finals of UCL this yr…just like last yr.And no Italian clubs will make the semis of Europa League based on how Lazio and Napoli played.
    The facts all point to a huge decline is level of the Italian club game compared to the European level


    @Micah97 Fact of the matter is, we are still in the group stage and all that matters is getting out of it, yet you are caught on single losses. The only one that’s probably out is Milan. The rest can all still qualify.

    And secondly, since Inter and Juve won and you had nothing to say about them, you began your arbitrary predictions about what will happen in R16. Yes, that’s doom talking.

    Also, Juventus were playing like this and even worse under Allegri for 5 years and still made it to 2 finals and beat pretty much every top team in Europe in that period.

  13. Rouchet

    The goal in the 80′ min was not scored by Erik Botheim, but Ola Solbakken. So no hat-trick from Botheim, but two goals each from Botheim and Solbakken.

  14. Athens Roma

    Laughable performance. Some of the players of Roma were so pathetic it is clear that they made such a huge career move only thanks to manager games. No other possible explanation. In no way i am under estimating Bodo. That team last year got me a lot of cash as in the Norway league they were like a rocket. Excellent athletic performances all season long. But Norwegian league is one thing. Opponents from serie A is another story. This is severe humiliation. Severe. It was so bad, i don’t even care about losing my money which i placed on Roma today. If Mourhinio says after this match that Roma only has 13 players, we can only imagine what will take place after each injury. Wow. One of the darkest pages in the history of Roma.

  15. Alex

    Rome wasn’t built in one day. But Bodø/Glimt needed only 90 minutes to chrush it into ruins.

  16. Mr Lazio

    😂😂😂😂 Class

  17. juveindia

    @Micah97 aka fortune teller if you look around teams across, there is hardly any one playing excellent at the moment. Bayern is probably an exception. This is how group stages are typically historically. Teams like Juve who are still trying to figure out their place, will have a better picture come Jan/Feb what they are. just hold your horses.

  18. meh

    Dammit what happened lol

  19. Lupo

    Micah97. It’s true that roma were greatly humiliated but your hatred for italian clubs is greater.

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