Commisso: ‘Inter and Juventus don’t respect the rules’

by | Sep 19, 2021 21:07

Fiorentina president Rocco Commisso hopes to imitate Napoli, Lazio and Atalanta and says Inter and Juventus ‘don’t respect the rules.’

La Viola’s owner gave an interview to 90esimo Minuto on Rai 2.

“I spent €170m on buying Fiorentina, adding €80m to cover the losses of the previous two years and about €87m to build the Viola Park, so it makes €350m,” Commisso said.

“I could not make a similar investment in other times, but I am not like other Americans. I was born in Italy and I came back to give back to the country and football what I received,” the 71-year-old continued.

“I think that Lotito, De Laurentiis and Percassi have done an outstanding job, all three have bought the clubs with little money.

“Two were in bankruptcy or Serie B. I admire them and I hope Fiorentina can reach the same level.

“I had the opportunity to buy Milan, then Mr Li did a stupid thing for which he lost €500m in a year and a half.

“Rules in football must be transparent. It is not possible that Fiorentina must be in line with the liquidity index every three or six months to bring money to Italy while clubs like Juventus or Inter don’t respect it, perhaps by delaying the payment of salaries.

“Why do I need to bring money and others don’t do the same? I know what you write in Italy, rules are not respected.”

Rocco Commisso

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  1. Broom

    Speaking straight facts

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