Commisso admits Fiorentina could risk losing Vlahovic for free

by | Oct 15, 2021 15:19

Fiorentina President Rocco Commisso said the Viola risk losing Dusan Vlahovic on a free transfer. ‘The costs of transfers and commissions of the agents make you risk losing a player for free’.

Commisso confirmed Serbia international Dusan Vlahovic won’t renew his deal at the Artemio Franchi, even if he has offered him a deal that would make him the best paid Fiorentina player in history.

The American tycoon hits out at the system and the agents involved in the game, claiming the ‘money exits the system’ and asking the governing bodies to act.

“The unsustainable thing is that the costs of transfers and commissions of the agents make you risk losing a player for free,” Commisso told Financial Times.

“As happened at Milan with Donnarumma or as it is happening with other players at Paris Saint-Germain. And it could also happen at Fiorentina with Vlahovic.

“We gave him the opportunity to show himself on the pitch, to start games. He scored 20 goals and now we have problems with the renewal of the contract.

Commisso: ‘Vlahovic will not renew with Fiorentina’

“You can’t sign five-year contracts, which in the end are not really five years because in the third years it’s already being renegotiated.

“There can be no players who renegotiate because they want more money. I’ve been here for three years, and I’ve never seen a player come to me and ask for less money because he didn’t have a season to match [his salary]. They ask for more and more money.

“And we respect the work of the intermediaries. They want to make money from both the signing and the sale of a player. The commissions are very high, we are talking about a lot of money.

“This doesn’t exist in USA. There are no transfer costs. You don’t pay cash. The players are exchanged, there are no costs for the transfer. This money exits the system. The agents are paid more because they convince players to change teams every three years.

“FIFA, UEFA, Serie A, Premier League have to do something. I think things work a little better in the Premier League, to tell you the truth.

“There’s a 5+1-year rule there. It means that you can extend the contract by one year in addition to the five already foreseen. In Italy it cannot be done. Why? Because a law from 1981 says so.

“How can it still be valid in 2021? 40 years have passed. There are aspects that must be regulated and there must be laws that apply to all countries where football is being played.

“We spoke to [UEFA President Aleksander] Ceferin and he promised me that the agent issue will be dealt with as soon as possible. I also spoke to [The FIGC President Gabriele] Gravina and he also told me that this question must be resolved.

“Because you can’t invest in a player if your interests don’t converge. It means that if he does well, he plays, if he doesn’t, he goes on the bench. If he does well and wants more money, Fiorentina must be able to benefit from it.

“It’s not possible that a player does well and the next day he wants to leave.”

Rocco Commisso


  1. dan

    Uh huh…right..I’m sure in you’re own business endeavors you never renegotiated for more money comissio…these guys are hilarious in thinking they own players.

  2. fossadeileoni27

    I get the frustrations but it is what it is. Cut your losses and in January get what you can get for him.

  3. Gio

    [email protected]

    You missing the point. This thing where agents demand huge sums from the clubs when star players changes clubs is relatively new.
    When a player was sold in the past I gave you a sum of money and then you could invest that money in new players. The player I bought often got a higher salary and the agent got money of that higher salary I will give the player for playing for my club instead of yours.
    Now days 10-15 % of the money involved in a transfer get paid to the agent and the money leaves the football system. This is money that don’t get invested in new players that don’t go back in the economic football system and this is a problem for both the selling and buying club and every other football club because it get less money for you as a selling club to invest in replacements other clubs get less money.

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