Circa 5,000 Lazio fans gathered in the streets of Rome to protest against President Claudio Lotito, new coach Marco Baroni and their transfer strategy.

The club is in turmoil after a difficult few months, as Maurizio Sarri resigned in mid-March, then his replacement Igor Tudor signed a long-term contract only to walk away last week because he had profound disagreements with Lotito on how to build the team.

They appointed former Verona boss Baroni on a two-year contract and the decision did not sit well with the supporters.

The departure of Luis Alberto and Daichi Kamada also irritated the fans, who claim there is a lack of ambition from Lotito.

Lazio fans gather to protest

Circa 5,000 fans gathered outside the Stadio Flaminio this evening to protest with banners calling for Lotito to ‘Liberate Lazio’ and comparing his presidency to a ‘dictatorship.’

“We want to win, we want to get back to winning,” called one chant.

The Aquile will participate in the Europa League this season, having reached the Champions League Round of 16 last term under Sarri.

6 thought on “Circa 5,000 Lazio fans protest against Lotito strategy”
  1. I personally think lotito has done whatever he could and he really needs to sell the club so new ambitious owners can fight for the silverware

  2. Lotito cannot keep holding on to lazio like an ex girlfriend he don’t want to marry and don’t want to break up with… lazio is bigger than lotito, it’s time to sell the club… we appreciate all that he has done but I think its time we go our separate ways

  3. Stefan read a left wing article from the 90’s and thinks he knows about Lazio ! Nobody has called Lazio that apart from some silly spotty English student doing a dissertation on Ultras 30 years ago !

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