Christillin: ‘UEFA could exclude Super League clubs’

FIFA councillor Evelina Christillin confirms it is ‘entirely possible’ UEFA will try to exclude Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid over their Super League project.

UEFA have announced they will take disciplinary action against the only three remaining clubs committed to the breakaway league.

“I am now a councillor at UEFA and it was not easy during the days of the Super League. That day (UEFA President Aleksandar) Ceferin was probably angrier than what emerged in the media,” Christillin said at the Foglio Sportivo event.

“At this moment, the situation is that two articles in the UEFA statute, 49 and 51, were completely broken by these clubs. The ethics committee held their investigation and UEFA said they will proceed with action, so now either they reach an agreement with the clubs or this continues.

“There is no definite sanction for breaking article 51, so it is entirely within UEFA’s rights to decide and they could go to extremes.

“Then there will no doubt be an appeal to the Sport Tribunal (TAS) and maybe even to the civil justice system. The three clubs already released a statement underlining that the Tribunal in Madrid gave their backing, so the situation is all up in the air.”