Christillin: ‘Allegri resting on laurels, Del Piero won’t be Juventus President’

FIFA delegate Evelina Christillin describes Max Allegri as ‘resting on his laurels’ and would love Antonio Conte back at Juventus, but doubts Alessandro Del Piero wants to be President.

Although she is not a member of the Juve board, Christillin is still very close to the Agnelli and Elkann families who run the club, as well as being a self-confessed Bianconeri supporter.

After Lapo Elkann hit out at Allegri via Twitter, now Christillin adds her voice to the chorus of disapproval.

“My fondness and respect for Allegri are not up for debate, but I did expect something more. The time to settle down has been and gone,” she told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I would divide the responsibility for this season between the club, coach and players. Obviously, it’s a fact that Maurizio Sarri and Andrea Pirlo won more in their seasons.

“Andrea Agnelli is aiming to build a long-term project around Allegri and it would be good for us fans to know a little more about this project.

“I knew Allegri would need time, but when you see a 1-1 draw with Bologna scraped in the final minutes, it does make you think.

“I remembered Allegri having more hunger, so now he remains a great coach, but seems to be resting on his laurels a little bit. We were accustomed to 1-0 wins and were happy with those, now we aren’t so much.”

There have now been calls for Juventus President Agnelli to step down and be replaced by former star Alessandro Del Piero, who was given a hero’s welcome at the Allianz Juventus Stadium in his first visit since 2012.

“John Elkann was absolutely clear in his support of Andrea Agnelli. Besides, Del Piero is happy living in America.”

When it comes to finding a new coach, Christillin would look back even further into the past, where this era of Bianconeri success began.

“I have to say, Conte remains the ultimate for me. That 2011-12 season, with the inauguration of the new stadium, was a real rebirth for the club.

“I don’t know if Conte would return, his comment that Juve could not sit at a €100 restaurant with €10 in their wallets was considered offensive by the club. They weren’t wrong, I would’ve been offended by that too.”

Conte is currently the manager at Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur after taking Inter to their first Scudetto in a decade, ending the Juventus hegemony of Serie A.

6 Comments on “Christillin: ‘Allegri resting on laurels, Del Piero won’t be Juventus President’”

  1. Conte again? and now Allegri back again? Juventini sure like hashing up old soup. When will they realize reusing old soup is not going to work when the other dishes in the kitchen have improved and are better now?

  2. Meanwhile the very guy they sacked is leading Inter to possibly a second successive title and a coppa ….whilst we have the fanstantic Mr. Allegir who is a firm believer of flintstone era football….

    Juve managament is simply clueless….clueless…clueless….clueless…clueless

    Allegri will ruin Vlahovic as well…I am sure had he stayed at Fiorentina, he would have been well at the top of scorers chart by now – by a distance….

  3. Let’s go deeper into our past and re-sign Lippi while we’re at it. So many good coaches available and I have to hear idiots recycle Conte’s name 🤦🏻‍♂️

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