Chiesa will revitalise sluggish Juventus after return from injury

Federico Chiesa returned to partial squad training today and his comeback can be exactly what Juventus need to shake off their torrid start to the season, suggests Apollo Heyes.

The 24-year-old Italian winger has been sidelined since January after suffering a cruciate ligament rupture in a 4-3 win over Roma and things haven’t been too positive since his injury. Chiesa was forced to watch Italy’s World Cup qualification failure and Juventus’ poor start to the season from home, undoubtedly painful moments for one of the brightest sparks in Serie A.

Chiesa is a key figure in the Juventus attack and his absence has certainly been felt, with the team barely scraping a fourth place finish last season and starting this campaign off the mark. His importance to Roberto Mancini’s Azzurri also cannot be understated and the team would’ve certainly put up a better fight in their World Cup qualifying play-offs with him flying down the wing.

The former Fiorentina man is now on the verge of making his return to action, 10 months since his injury, and it’ll be a massive boost for Massimiliano Allegri and Juventus. The team have looked lifeless and uninspired this season and yesterday’s 3-0 win over Bologna isn’t enough to forget their dire performances in the early stages of this campaign.

Chiesa worked incredibly well for Dusan Vlahovic in Florence and having him on the wing feeding the Serb is exactly what the Bianconeri need in their quest to revitalise the attack and dig them out of their hole in the league table.

Last season, before his injury, Chiesa produced 4.17 shot-creating actions per 90 minutes, successfully completed 2.19 dribbles per 90 and took 2.92 shots per 90, being a decisive force in attacking moves.

There are some questions regarding his ability to show his best after such a serious injury, but Chiesa seems to have the talent and work ethic to return to his best despite such a long period out of action, and seeing the team’s poor state will only prove extra motivating. 

The return of Chiesa will breath new life into the Old Lady and he’ll undoubtedly woo the fans at the Allianz Stadium once again when he dons the black and white shirt, although he may still have to wrestle with Allegri’s conservative game plan. 

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  1. PhD Max aka Dinobot of archaeological prime mate coma calcio will put an end to that sort of talk.

  2. Chiesa has too much talent to be wasting time with the 7/9. Once he regains full fitness, the skills will come back as its naturally within him and he is still young. Then he needs to get that transfer request in. He needs a bigger club to finish his game. Look at Haaland now. Lucky boy to have turned down the 7/9. Could you imagine Erling be coached by the Allegrisaurus.

  3. Best player in the Serie A back playing for the best club in Serie A – looking forward to having you back Federico and so do the Azzurri.

  4. Mama Mia! Does Lord Allegri ever say anything remotely worthwhile? Get over your hate for Allegri and get some counselling man!!!

  5. Keep on entertaining us.

    Do not listen to the haters.

    I love the name ‘Allegrisaurus’.

    Keep up the good work and keep on posting!

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