Chiellini: ‘Ronaldo needed team to play for him’

by | Oct 21, 2021 13:25

Giorgio Chiellini admits losing Cristiano Ronaldo was ‘a shock’ that Juventus had to change around, but CR7 ‘needed a team that would play for him’ like Manchester United.

The Portuguese veteran finally completed his transfer on deadline day, after walking away from Turin on August 28, following links with PSG and Manchester City.

“I had already figured out he could leave this summer, because we reached a stage of the working relationship where Cristiano needed new motivation and a team that would play for him,” Chiellini told DAZN.

“When he finds a team like that, he can always be decisive, as he was at Juve too. Juventus are beginning a process of renewal and trying to bring the average age down, so clearly he would’ve been an added bonus if he’d stayed, but it’s fair he wanted a team more focused on the present than the future.”

The Old Lady scrambled to find a replacement, bringing back Moise Kean from Everton on loan with obligation to buy.

It made an impact on Max Allegri’s side, who had a terrible start to the Serie A season, but have now found their feet again.

“Ronaldo left on August 28 and it certainly would’ve been better if he had gone earlier so we could prepare. Unfortunately, we paid a price for that,” added Chiellini.

“It does create a shock to the system and we lost points in the opening games because of that. If he’d left on August 1, then we would’ve had time to reorganise and be ready for the start of the season.”

Cristiano Ronaldo was on target last night for Manchester United’s 3-2 comeback win over Atalanta in the Champions League.

Giorgio Chiellini


  1. Joe Del monte

    Why are we still talking about Ronaldo, he is now Manchester’s problem

  2. Al

    Well said Joe Del Monte ! He’s Manchester United problem now.

  3. JuveFella

    And in there somewhere is the difference between a real GOAT (like e.g. Messi) & “just” a world class striker…….a real GOAT doesn’t need the team to play for him to shine……..

  4. joe del monte

    The problem with Ronaldo is that when the team wins it’s because of him but when the team loses it’s because he played great but the rest of the team played bad. It is never his fault.

  5. Sam

    If I was Ronnie id tell these cats to keep my name out your mouth! Its so obvious bonucci amd chiellini egos were bruised when they werent top dogs in the locker room amymore.

  6. serie a LOVER

    del monte well the reson why is because journalist are fascinated with Ronaldo. the guy has like over 300mil followers. he will always be the topic of discussion. so they going to ask the likes of bonucci and chiellini questions like that



  8. Darrel jupiter

    Im Tired of saying that Ronaldo is Not a Serie A Player Anymore… This Site is for Italian Foot Only this…. Please STOP WITH RONALDO STORY ON THAT SITE….

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