Chiellini: ‘Ronaldo is the past, this is Dybala’s Juventus’

by | Sep 11, 2021 21:15

Giorgio Chiellini maintains Juventus ‘should be proud’ of their performance in a 2-1 defeat to Napoli, while Cristiano Ronaldo is in the past. ‘This will be Paulo Dybala’s team.’

The Bianconeri had taken the lead at the Stadio Diego Armando Maradona when Alvaro Morata caught Kostas Manolas in possession, but Matteo Politano and Kalidou Koulibaly tapped in rebounds to turn the game around.

Serie A | Napoli 2-1 Juventus: Koulibaly completes comeback

“The team was united throughout the game, so we should be satisfied and proud with what we saw, with all things considered,” the captain told DAZN.

Juve were missing Federico Chiesa, Arthur, Kaio Jorge and all their South American players, who returned late from international duty and remained in Turin.

“We deserved to get a result here, but all we can do now is work more and talk less. We knew there would be difficulties this season, although not perhaps that we’d be in this position after three games.”

Juve are in crisis after drawing 2-2 with Udinese, then suffering back-to-back defeats against Empoli and Napoli.

Chiellini was asked what advice he had given Allegri, who returned to Turin after two seasons away.

“Just that we need to work and become a team. Nonetheless, I feel we deserved at least a draw today, but we’ve been through certain situations before. We’ll slowly get back up there.”

Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice in Manchester United’s 4-1 win over Newcastle United, his ‘debut’ back at the Premier League club.

Considering Juve’s struggles this season, Chiellini was inevitably asked about losing the Ballon d’Or winner.

“When you have a world class player like Cristiano, you cannot help but use the team to play for him. We must be grateful to Cristiano for all he did during these years at Juventus, but we carry on.

“This will be Paulo Dybala’s team. Over the last couple of years, he lowered his average goals because of Cristiano’s presence, but he is a key player for this team and that is recognised by everyone.”

Alvaro Morata celeb


  1. Sayed

    Ronaldo is the past and europa league conference is your future and you would be lucky to even get into that competition. This squad has been allowed to rot for years, while the club have missed out on transfers that they used to tie up in a matter of days. They have no problems collecting players made of glass from Ramsay to lazy players such as Rabiot and giving them enormous wages. Everyone knew Donnarumma was leaving for free. The genius crew thought having Szczesny perform howlers for club and country would be the best solution. Now they are stuck with the clown and his salary.

  2. Retni Adrem

    @Sayed: bit harsh?
    No one will dispute Ronaldo’s goal scoring ability, but Juve were one-dimensional. It will take time to learn how to play together as a team. Focussing on the young is good for the long – term and if they can offload Ramsey and pick up Pogba and Vlahovic they will go a long way towards fixing their issues.

  3. Jon

    Retni has got the right idea

  4. King reza

    End of era


    Ronaldo wasn’t their problem. He saved them many many times and masked the mediocre and boring team they are.
    Juventus play really slow and boring football with 1 000 000 short passes, they don’t send the ball fast forward, their keeper is the worst one in Italy, and a smoker, and the defence … well, you can’t score 3 goals and make a draw or lose the game afterwards!

    1. Should’ve brought a better keeper.
    2. Shouldn’t have sold Cancelo and Kean.
    3. Shouldn’t have let Super Mario go.
    4. Shouldn’t have brought Rabio, Ramsey and the likes – I don’t see any motivation and desire in them to win games and really perform at the highest level.
    5. Shouldn’t have bought, quite expensive – Arthur Melo, N 44 – Kulusevski – horrible, wastes 99% of the balls and scores nothing, and the likes.
    6. Should’ve got Donnarumma.
    7. Should’ve brought in Fernandez, Cavani, Suarez and Ramos.
    8. Please, don’t bring in the Icardi family – horrible!
    9. They practically do NOT have midfield – and this is the most important thing in football! Think of Shavi and Iniesta – without them Messi has won nothing with Barcelona, and with them Spain won 1 World cup and 2 Euro championships!

  6. PepPe

    @Renti: I highly doubt Pogba will come back to Juventus now.
    Why leave Man Utd and join a team that’s on the massive decline? He’ll sign a new deal at Man Utd. Vlahovic? As if Juve can afford him? Fiorentina want between €60/80M. No chance he’ll go to the Premier league.

    Juve’s current future is looking very bleak, they’re entering another banter era. Juve need to sell at least 80% of the squad it’s not good enough.

    I can’t see Juve even finishing in the top 7 this season. That’s how bad they are. It starts from the top and Agnelli, Nedved and Elkann are to blame for this mess. Between 2011-2017 the project was going well now it’s a complete shambles. The club is a joke. Gianni and Umbeto Agnelli will be rolling in their graves I’m sad to say.

  7. Derrr

    And its sucks lol

  8. ogie

    gel these youngsters and patience is needed.ramsey , rabiot and this clown goalie are not juve material.we will finish strongly mark my words

  9. Mark

    Juve not going to attract pogba back in their current state.

    I love how they’re failing with Allegri. They are an absolute mess.

    Juve fan here.

  10. Royston Roberts

    The Juventus board is a mess, and is full of jokers and mediocres. How can you miss such a world class talents and physically imposing goal keeper, like Donnaruma? And have the guts to tell us, because of this useless sjcezeny. We’ll be fine.

    Juventus is going to struggle this season, not because of Ronaldo, far from it. But our defence. The goal keeper and our wing backs are major concern, they’re average. Chiesa -Dybala – Kairo Jorge and the rest will be banging goals for us. But it’s our protection of those goals, that’s going to be the bone of contention.

  11. GIuseppe baggio

    Szczesny out! What does this man have to do to get dropped? Makes no sense. This Juve hierarchy are a joke

  12. Italboy

    Proud of what? We do not need excuses so just be honest and say you were crap.
    Napoli outplayed us in every position, so everyone needs to wake up and smell the expresso. I thought i would not say this but Allegri is worse than Pirlo.
    One word for this performance is not printable so you make your own judgement.

  13. Reynaldy Basna

    “It’s Dybala’s Juventus”?

    Only Dybala? Lautaro Martinez is way better than this overrated fraud.

    I thought we are a big club.

  14. Boori

    Man, honesty Dybala only flashes here and the there, not good enough, get Vlahovic quickly.

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