Chiellini: ‘Easy to prepare Chelsea clash, I hope Jorginho wins the Ballon d’Or’

by | Sep 28, 2021 18:50

Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini says it was ‘easy’ to prepare the game against Chelsea and hopes Jorginho will win the Ballon d’Or.

The Bianconeri meet Chelsea at the Allianz Stadium tomorrow. It kicks off at 20.00 UK time.

Juventus and Chelsea won their opening Champions League games against Malmo and Zenit respectively.

“It was easy to prepare the game, the coach has told us the same thing,” Chiellini said at a press conference attended by Football Italia.

“These are very nice games, you can prepare them easily, we’ll be playing home against the European champions, it will be challenging and nice, I think we’ll play a nice match,” the Bianconeri captain continued.

“We haven’t yet conceded in the Champions League, we can’t concede too many counterattacks to a team like Chelsea who are very physical, they proved it last season and they continue to do so. We should not let them use their best qualities.”

Chiellini will face Romelu Lukaku for the first time since the Euros last summer. The Belgian striker has only scored one goal in six games against the Bianconeri.

“Maybe it’s a little bit diminishing to only talk about me and Lukaku. We would be fortunate enough if we play a balanced game without conceding too many spaces to their midfielders and forwards, in those situations is difficult to mark them, we have to be extremely careful not to create those situations that can let them express their quality.

“Lukaku is on top, he is a new signing that Chelsea have been paid a lot, he’s not there by chance.

‘Confused’ Allegri names four Juventus starters ahead of Chelsea clash

“What we really expect is to qualify, then from March onwards, there are many situations from the draw to injuries and the teams’ form.

“Right now, we can’t really make long term plans but focus on our present, improve and get better, being aware of the fact that we need to grow but also of the qualities that we have.”

How are the young players settling in?

“Everybody can really grow, when I was young I was eager to play against the best players, when you do it you understand what you like and how you can raise the bar. Then, during the season, you need to work on a regular basis and grow.”

Juventus will be Paulo Dybala who will remain out of action for a few weeks due to a muscular injury.

“Paulo is a fundamental player for us, we can’t deny it. We are a team that has everything, hopefully, he will only miss a couple of matches, we have very good players who can compensate for him. The coach always tries to find different solutions,” Chiellini said.

“A win could boost our confidence as the last two wins have done, we need to work hard on a regular basis despite the result, we need to find the right balance during the season and during games. A win would us allow to play against Zenit with a match point that could be useful and the possibility to qualify early in the group stage, managing the energies in the best way.

“The performance will be important, we want to show solidity, strength and enthusiasm.”

Has Allegri changed his approach in his second spell at Juve?

“His demands are always the same, but they change from one match to another. It depends on the players as well, playing with Cuadrado is not like playing with Danilo. It depends on the opponent, but the general principles are always the same.”

Italy playmaker Jorinho is one of the candidates to win the Ballon d’Or, does Chiellini think Jorginho could win it

“I hope he’ll be able to win, he is a good friend of mine, [the Ballon dpOr] it’s an award I would feel like mine.

“He was involved in a win and emotions that will always be in our hearts. I’ve always thought he was a good player but after the first few training sessions, I realised how good he is, what a top player he is.

“He has great technical qualities, but the real difference is in his head. Many said he was only able to play with Sarri, but everywhere he goes he is a regular starter, I really hope he will win the Ballon d’Or.”

Both Juventus and Chelsea won their opening Champions League fixture against Malmo and Zenit respectively.

Tomorrow they meet at the Allianz Stadium with several of their stars out of action to injuries.

The Serie A giants will be without Paulo Dybala and Alvaro Morata while Chelsea’s Christian Pulisic, Reece James and Mason Mount join N’Golo Kante on the sidelines.




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