Chiellini: ‘Juve need time, but there’s no patience’

Victor Osimhen Giorgio Chiellini

Captain Giorgio Chiellini said Juventus need ‘time to find a balance’ but admitted they are currently trying to ‘keep the ship steady in a stormy sea’.

Juventus picked up three points against Spezia on Wednesday, the first in Serie A this term, but Massimiliano Allegri’s men are going through a delicate moment.

But Juventus are unbeaten in three games, including a win in the Champions League against Malmö FF, and Chiellini believes the team will ride off the storm.

“We must be able to keep the ship steady in a stormy sea,” Chiellini said, according to Sky Sport Italia. “We’ll see if we’ll come out of it a little dented or with full sails, but we will arrive at the port.

“As with everything, it takes time to find a balance. When there are big shocks, environmental like an earthquake or not, it takes a little time to settle and to restart.

“Unfortunately, in the world of today, there’s no patience.”

Chiellini then joked about the European Championship this summer, as he helped the Azzurri win the competition.

“After the extraordinary achievement, it would have been nice to never wake up, unfortunately I did,” Chiellini joked.

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  1. keep doing what you are doing just keep improving – specifically in Champions League because in Champions League playing good does not mean anything – you need the right DNA and ability to show up for the big game and the ambilition and desire to win because without that you end up setting Italian records as the Only Serie A team to fail to pass the Champions League group stage 3 years in a row with the possibility of extending that italian record as the Only Serie A team to fail to pass the Champions League group stage 4 years in a row

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