Chiellini: ‘I will say goodbye to Juventus, Inter were stronger’

by | May 11, 2022 23:20

Giorgio Chiellini confirms he is leaving Juventus this summer and tips his hat to the winners after the Coppa Italia Final. ‘Inter proved throughout the season they are stronger.’

It was a dramatic Coppa Italia Final at the Stadio Olimpico, with Nicolò Barella opening the scoring within seven minutes, then Alex Sandro and Dusan Vlahovic turned it around.

A debatable Hakan Calhanoglu penalty forced extra time, allowing Ivan Perisic to take centre-stage with two goals, including another spot-kick.

Juve also lost to Inter in Serie A and in extra time for the Supercoppa Italiana.

“It’s disappointing, especially as Inter certainly had more of the ball, but we had more than enough chances. Mattia Perin basically didn’t have to make a save, we conceded two fantastic goals and two penalties.

“Inter proved throughout the season they are stronger in all the head-to-head clashes, so that means something. I hope the anger of losing three out of four games against Inter will fire us up for next season.

“We know that you don’t win a Scudetto just in the big games, but every day. It’s a pity to end the season without trophies after a decade, but we need to use it as fuel for next season.”

It is the first season since 2010-11 that has Juventus empty-handed, the campaign under Gigi DelNeri.

Coppa Italia Final | Juventus 2-4 Inter aet: Thrilling Nerazzurri triumph

“We know that something didn’t work, there was a process of improvement, but we saw in the head-to-heads that we were not as strong as the others,” continued the veteran.

“With all due respect, Milan are not as strong a squad as Inter, yet they are ahead right now. That means it takes more than just quality and this team is missing something in terms of determination, hunger that characterised Juve for all these years and it needs to be found as soon as possible.

“There are eras and I went through it, I was there with two seasons of seventh-place finishes, the previous era had finished and the new one needed to emerge. We have to be aware of that.

“I think the coach is the best person to transfer that DNA to the squad in future and this team cannot afford to end another season without trophies.”

Chiellini had refused to discuss his future before the Final, but is now free to confirm he will leave at the end of this season.

“We had these 10 magnificent years, it’s up to the lads to continue now. I did everything I could, I hope that I left something. On Monday I will say goodbye to my Juventus Stadium, then if I’ve still got something in the tank might have a run-out in Florence.

“It is my choice 100 per cent, I am happy to leave at such a high level, because for many years I’ve said I didn’t want to finish struggling and not being able to play at my level.

“I gave it my all, soon I will be the biggest Juventus fan from the outside. After so many years within this club, you cannot shake it off.”



    Great defender but age takes its toll. The first season they have ended without silverware since Del Neri. Another record for PhD Max. I told the silly fan girls that he only won 5 Scudettos as it was all built by Conte and Marotta. Instead of swallowing pride and bringing back Conte, they will give him the Sir Alex Ferguson lifetime deal. No disrespect to Fergie. A coach that actually knew how to coach. Maybe he should give the hair dryer treatment to PhD Max, but there is no hair to begin with.

  2. Hardtruth

    Why fans ALWAYS want A coach/player back move on. Conte moans way too much, creates a negative atmosphere and the way he walked out on the club was pathetic. Juve should have gone for ZIDANE. Zidane is the right coach for Juve

  3. NOrata

    Zidane is the right guy but he needs a good team. 90% of these players are not worthy of the shirt. I’m no Allegri fan, despite what this Gen X living with his parents loser thinks, but I think he deserves a season with a team he’s created. If Allegri only won because Conte created an empire, then why can’t Inzaghi continue a winning cycle with Inter?

  4. NOrata

    And on Chiellini, yes, time to retire. A legend with contemporary equal.

  5. NOrata


  6. InterFan75

    Chiellini – legend.


    “I’m no Allegri fan”. You were before the humiliation given to you tonight. You told me that the Coppa was a done deal. You are just throwing your toys out of the pram, and your mom told me to tell you to CALMA BIATCH.

    Gen X. Again what next pronouns… How about LatinX? I knew you were woke but try being awake, as I told you all things turn sour with the Legend of The Ten Rings.


    Last of the great old-style defenders.

    He’ll be missed, with very few top defenders around nowadays.


    conte and marotta build the the foundation on both juve and inter.
    inzaghi cant continue conte winning cycle? inter not yet ruled out from scudetti race , sure milan has edge and they are favorite, but anythings still can happened. and inzaghi already winning more trophy than conte. your argument is invalid.
    almost all coach series a club said inter has the strongest squad mean conte left them with foundation to win for year to come. even allegri and mou always said inter favorite to win since beginning the season. so you said inzaghi not continuing conte winning cycle is absurd especially after he winning 2 trophies. and the only coach who beat liverpool this season.

  10. Interista4Eva

    Chiellini great man, great defender!

  11. NOrata

    Firstly, I never said Juve would win the cup so your sensile Gen X brain can’t keep up. I said in a one off game anything can happen and Juve took the game to Inter for large parts last night. Only you would see a humiliation. Given how this seasons gone and the players at his disposal, getting to the final of this Mickey mouse cup was an overachievement. Ps. Tell your mom I won’t return her calls. Pay rent loser.
    Paratici, my argument stands… How is it that Conte can’t get anywhere near a CL final and Allegri got to 2? Surely if you’re just relying on what your predecessor built, you wouldn’t do better. As Lord Merchant Banker said elsewhere, the Spanish teams were there for the taking and over 2 legs in the semis, Allegri tactically outperformed both (remember 3-0 v the same Barca). Finals are decided by same incidents, like hugely deflected shots that break momentum and midfielder getting injured early (Real game) or clear penalty v Pogba not given (v Barca). But of course, all Allegri being a dinosaur blah blah blah.

  12. Dre

    I will miss you chielini
    U are one of the best ever
    Goodbye my friend

  13. putuco

    Not the best defender. maybe one of the most fierce and dirty guys there. My best memory is when I was in the Juventus stadium and Mexes elbowed you Giorgio. Thanks for what you gave to the Nazionale but as a player at Juventus, I won’t miss you or your interviews. Good riddance

  14. Fatecisognare

    Putuco, name ONE Italian defender since Cannavaro and Nesta that was better than Chiellini? His ability to read the game is second to none but it’s right that he makes way now. Only respect. That strategic pull in the Euros final will become a statue one day. Legend.

  15. NOrata

    My concern is that without Chiellini, Bonucci will decline. The guy always plays better with Giorgio next to him, he needs a guide and DeLigt won’t be it.

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