Chiellini: ‘How Allegri words inspired Juventus’

by | Nov 30, 2021 22:01

Giorgio Chiellini reveals how Max Allegri’s comments inspired him and Juventus against Salernitana. ‘This club gave us so much, it’s time to give back.’

This has been a tough time for the Bianconeri, who lost to Chelsea and Atalanta, then had their offices raided as part of an investigation into inflated transfer fees.

The pressure was on at the Stadio Arechi and they won 2-0 with Paulo Dybala and Alvaro Morata goals, although La Joya also fired a penalty over the bar in stoppages.

Serie A | Salernitana 0-2 Juventus: Dybala and Morata revive Juve

“It was a good performance, but the coach used the right words yesterday and today to let us realise what we need to do,” Chiellini told DAZN.

“We need a sense of responsibility, don’t do anything extraordinary, just do it with the right mentality. We played with the right respect and humility, which we couldn’t avoid in our current position, and we prepare for the next match.

“We played it clean today, it doesn’t always work, but we managed it this evening. We knew it would be difficult once Salernitana were playing under their Curva with the fans so passionate, but we held out.”

Chiellini had hit the back of the net for the second goal and celebrated wildly with his teammates on the bench, but it was disallowed for Moise Kean’s offside position, which was interfering with play.

“There are moments in life. I was really impressed with the words of the coach. Juventus have given so much to me and all my teammates, so this is the time to give back. We must all stay close to this club and together we’ll get out of this situation.

“The club gave us all so much and it is the time to give back.”

Chiellini was asked if he had made fun of Leonardo Bonucci, considering he finished one place above him in the Ballon d’Or ranking.

“At 37 years old it’s a recognition that is pleasing, but that’s it. I still have many little objectives to reach and I hope to achieve them. The first is winning on Sunday, because we’ve got it wrong many times this season in games that ought to be on our level.

“At least after this game I can drink a glass of wine and feel happy.”


  1. Gamal

    The game was against bottom of the table Salernitana not Inter or Napoli. Just a load of hype!

  2. Gee

    Yes Gamal

  3. Jarod KNowles

    what wine? guys this is not the carnival with ketchup, pizzas we need to win games pls! Allegri plz call another retreat that discipline works! I’m sending Nedved the Conte whip.

  4. Jarod KNowles

    This lack of discipline is the same thing that has happened to Mancini’s Italy, I feel they took advantage of him, we heard Mancini shout from the sideline “don’t let him kick that ball” and what did he do? He kicked the ball and missed. What’s the winning formula-Conte! You want to be on my team? No ketchup and pizzas

  5. Mahsoud

    This is Salernitana smh…………

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