Chelsea offer Werner or Pulisic to Juventus in De Ligt bid

Chelsea are reportedly offering Timo Werner or Christian Pulisic as part of their proposal for Matthijs de Ligt, but Juventus want more cash.

The defender has become the centre of the transfer market after a meeting with lawyer Rafaela Pimento, who inherited the agency from Mino Raiola, and rumours De Ligt had put in a transfer request.

According to Tuttosport, the initial offer has come in from Chelsea and it would be a cash sum plus a player in exchange, likely either Pulisic or Werner.

Juve seem unimpressed so far with the terms, demanding at least €100m cash to let De Ligt leave.

There is a release clause in his contract worth €120m from this summer, which will rise even more from June 2023.

As well as Chelsea, Manchester United are also interested in the Dutch international, but their failure to qualify for the Champions League could rule them out.

Sportitalia have pointed towards Manchester City as making an approach too, but with these figures, it seems inevitable that only a Premier League club will be able to afford De Ligt.

25 Comments on “Chelsea offer Werner or Pulisic to Juventus in De Ligt bid”

  1. Susy, so salty about juve having de ligt. Why is this salty girl susy still writing juve articles?

  2. Another gold hunter, go to England we don’t need you. Juventus let’s focus on Italian talent and youth instead of buying players who will not last long.

  3. Pulisic / Havertz / Werner on the left alongside Vlahovic and Chiesa would be very nice.

    One of those guys + €80M would be good deal in my eyes.

  4. @Ali
    Savich Who ?! 65 M ?!?!
    Are u serious ?!
    I bet no one even know who he is
    Mancity bought halland for 65M
    Come on mate

  5. CALMAAA!!!

    You can always trust Juventus to under sell, not sell at the right moment, over pay for players, only in wages, as they only get freebies. If the Dutch Phil Jones departs for richer pastures, Sun Tzu Max has everything sorted. Montero is coming back to coach the Primavera, but similar to Pirlo, PhD Max will ask him to come out of retirement and fill both Chiellini and de Ligt’s void. After all he is soon approaching 51 years young, just how Omicron Max likes it. To be fair, a top defender and he could do a better job than the Dutch Phil Jones.

  6. Money hunter? He probably thought he wpuld have a CL trophy under his belt by now. Seeing that is not even a likely possibility for potentially a few more years with juve, given his age, if he wants it, he has to go.

    How is that gold hunting? You guys are so cynical and gross. This is not football manager the game.

  7. I knew he never had any intention of staying and I mentioned this in previous post. He only came to Juve to learn from the best and experience defenders. I won’t miss him

  8. Chill, de Ligt was never going to stay with us forever. He is not a Juventino at heart and he left his boyhood club to go onto bigger things. If he feels the premier league is best for him, ciao, thanks for your service, but we better take full value. On his day he is a superb defender, but like many people have been saying, he is too error prone. It is also worth noting that he has not improved or learnt from the silly mistakes he is prone to. Players come and players go. One thing remains, we are Juve and always find ways, even though we have to endure Allegri for at least another term.

  9. Pulisic is a better player than De Ligt and super undervalued because of his nationality. Juventus will go back to being a league leader with him on the squad. I’d go for him.

  10. Maybe everyone is jumping the gun? No official statements have been made as yet.
    And Lord Allegri the Self Congratulatory I Have My Hand On My Knob Every Time I Think I Write Something Clever, fa rk off. What a sad little troll you are to scan articles pertaining to our wonderful club so you can have a mental wan k.

    PhD Max just wants someone to DeLigt his footballs.Clean and smooth like marbles in my mouth.
    @Retni please don’t keep just talking about my knob and get over here and DeLigt my knob. I mean, PhD Max already does and i spew on his hairy chest.

  12. Retni you were not telling me to far rk off last night. You were howling into the night like a banshee. Do not worry about this little fish and chipper better known as the limey impersonating @LORD. He is just jealous that he caught me with his mum and dad. They both wanted it and if I can 2 for 1 all the better for me. Now get the malt vinegar and lube up as my saveloy is waiting.

  13. Fish and Chips, CALMA! CALMAAAA! You can suck on my fish and play with my chips and PhD Max can enjoy cleaning up my cream filled donut.
    Long Ball? Yep, I’ve got one longer than another; but you’ve find out soon enough and learn to enjoy it like PhD Max does.

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