Cerano’s deputy mayor accused Camorra of influencing Kessie’s disallowed goal

The deputy mayor of a Piedmont town Alessandro Albanese suggested that Franck Kessie’s chalked off equaliser was influenced by the mafia group Camorra.

The 25-year-old Ivorian midfielder scored a last minute equaliser for Milan against Napoli on Sunday evening, but it was annulled after a VAR check, with referee Davide Massa feeling that Olivier Giroud influenced play from an offside position, despite laying flat on the ground.

As reported by Calciomercato.com, Albanese, the deputy mayor of Cerano, a town in the province of Novara in Piedmont, was enraged after the decision, tweeting ‘other than the hand of god, this is the hand of the Camorra.’

The tweet was quickly deleted and followed by a public apology, but this was not enough to save his job, with the mayor of Cerano Andrea Volpi removing him from the role as deputy mayor, although he was allowed to remain a councillor.

Many fans and pundits were outraged by Massa’s decision to cancel out Milan’s equaliser, which could have serious ramifications in the title race this season.

4 Comments on “Cerano’s deputy mayor accused Camorra of influencing Kessie’s disallowed goal”

  1. It was the right call, Ibrahimovic and Giroud tried to MMA their way to a goal the whole time. Giroud fouled Jesus and then tried to prevent him from clearing the ball from an offside position. Stop moaning.

  2. @il dio

    What were the hances that Juan Jesus will score the goal for Spezia immediately following the “right call” (SPEZIA won without reaching the goal 😂!) ….

    You can’t make this up .

    Now the only issue is that Milan were robbed of a point there and who knows, the goal was in the 89th minute so you never know if they would’ve gone on to win the match…

    I’m not a Milanista.

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