Celtic fans have sparked a diplomatic incident after announcing it is their ‘duty to make a hostile environment for Lazio and their extreme-right hordes,’ in a statement using an Italian insult.

The Champions League fixture is set to kick off at Celtic Park on Wednesday at 20.00 UK time (19.00 GMT).

These clubs met only twice before, in the Europa League group stage in 2019, with Celtic on both occasions coming back from a goal down to win 2-1 late on.

Celtic fans from The North Curve released a statement with the rather unfortunate title of ‘Vaffanculo Lazio,’ which translates to ‘F**k Lazio.’

The statement itself was no more diplomatic, as it included a sentence referencing the reputation of a certain sub-section of the Lazio Ultras.

“We have a duty not only to rally our team, but to make our home a hostile environment for Lazio and their extreme-right hordes.”

Over 900 Lazio fans have purchased tickets for the game and will be in Glasgow tomorrow, so this statement creates concerns that they could be sought out for clashes in the build-up to the match.

There is also a huge Italian community in Glasgow and they will relish the arrival of a Serie A club in the city.

6 thought on “Celtic fans insult Lazio and await ‘extreme-right hordes’”
  1. Stupid and childish from a section of Celtic “support” who seem to delight in tarnishing the good name of the club and costing Celtic a small fortune in fines.

  2. Absolutely.. surely the club has to act against the GB which has proved time and time again not to have the interests of our football club at heart. Time to throw out these political activists ..they are not genuine football fans.

  3. I am half Italian and have a Scottish mother who is a gem I was brought up in Scotland and all my family are Celtic fans but I stoppedfollowing them years ago because of the green brigade and some of their stupid fans

  4. Fines for what? A statement? Do you honestly think that Lazio fans would welcome us with open arms? Think again. They deserve a hostile atmosphere. Bring it on.

  5. I understand why some Celtic diehard supporters made such a statement. Who can forget what Lazio supporters had done in 2019 on Glasgow street? Still behaving like idiots even after 1.1 years in Serie B.

  6. Gli stupidi scozzesi non hanno fatto paura a nessuno, sono tornati a casa con le pive nel sacco inutilmente astiosi. Ed hanno anche un pessimo gusto musicale a quanto pare. I laziali, faccia al sole e sorridenti. Che altro aggiungere?

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