Ceferin warns Italian stadiums are ‘a problem’

by | May 25, 2022 17:15

Italy are hoping to get the hosting rights for the EURO 2032 tournament, but UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin warns there is a lot of work to be done. ‘The infrastructure in Italy is pretty terrible.’

The last major tournament to be held in the Peninsula was the 1990 World Cup, which was also when many of the stadiums were refurbished or reconstructed.

With the lack of a deadline and the on-going problems of red tape, local councils holding projects up and blocking others altogether, club owners are increasingly frustrated at the inability to get essential work done, either on existing structures or brand new arenas.

“I have spoken to FIGC President Gabriele Gravina about this issue,” Ceferin told Sky Sport Italia.

“I think Italy is a nation that lives and breathes football. However, the infrastructure situation in Italy is pretty terrible for a football nation at this level.”

How can they move past these constant roadblocks and allow for investment?

“It would be important to guarantee the use of resources to allow Italy to improve. If the Government doesn’t intervene to help and guarantee that new infrastructures will be built, it could be a problem.”

Rome did host several games during EURO 2020, while Italy was the host nation for the 2021 Nations League Final Four.


  1. Rosario

    Ceferin the Slovene reeks of small country syndrome to the bone.

  2. yeah its me

    Ceferin is absolutely right for once,italian stadiums are old and outdated,TO host a major tournament we would need a new san siro,olimpico and san pauolo at least

  3. villarusso

    Everything he said is true. The stadiums are ancient. The ultra mentality is ancient. The Italian bureaucracy is ancient. Until this changes Calcio will never catch up with the rest of the world.

  4. Brandon

    Needed to be said.

  5. Ricky

    As we all know, he’s right. However, he is also desperate to insult Italian and Spanish football at every opportunity.


    Only a clown would give Italy a tournament to stage with the current stadiums.

    England and Turkey could host a tournament this week, if needed. Italy would take 25 years of talking about it first before drawing up the initial plans, ie: a quick paint job and some new seats.

  7. Nacc

    Doesn’t he work for PSG???? lol

  8. Mikkel

    Italian motto. Maybe next year, maybe a tournament in 2052, maybe, just maybe. The other leagues have improved due to the incompetent Italian politicians.
    Milan need a new own 61.000 seater stadium.
    Inter need a new own 61.000 seater stadium
    Roma, Napoli and Lazio 51.000
    Fiorentina 41.000
    LET THEM BUILD – or the clubs will never win anything in Europe.

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