Ceferin highlights Italy problems for Euro 2032

In the second part of his interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin explains why Italy may struggle to host the Euros in 2032 and says he is against tennis-style challenges in football.

The 54-year-old discussed his rapport with Super League clubs and changes to the Champions League format starting from 2024.

Ceferin hits out at Super League clubs, Klopp and Guardiola

Ceferin also opened up about possible refereeing changes and why Italy may not host the Euros in 2032.

“There isn’t a single stadium that could host a Champions League final, that’s incredible. Turkey is a strong rival, I’ve spoken a lot with [FIGF President] Gabriele Gravina, but I believe that the Government has fully understood the value of European football. We need more guarantees on stadiums,” he said.

Lega Serie A President Lorenzo Casini has recently claimed that he would not stand against adopting tennis-style challenges in Italy, but Ceferin doesn’t like the idea.

“It’s not needed, everything is already checked and it would only bring confusion. The game is a flow, challenges could be used to stop the play. Now referees should not allow time-wasting and increase added time, no to effective playing time.”

How about the new Financial Fair Play. Will it help football become more sustainable or fair?

“Some clubs have serious problems, but we don’t want to kill them. The important thing is to spend 70% of revenues on wages, commissions and transfers. The old system cancelled losses, but this one aims for sustainability.”

At the end of his interview, Ceferin showed no doubts when asked who should win the Ballon d’Or: “Karim Benzema.”

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3 Comments on “Ceferin highlights Italy problems for Euro 2032”

  1. “there isn’t a single stadium worthy to host champions league final”
    The Arabs should give them one after the world cup.

  2. he talking about the stadium on italy not worthy hosting champion league final let alone hosting EURO 2032

  3. This corrupt clown forgets that the UCL final was played at the San Siro in 2016 and at the Olimpico in 2011. Didn’t the Euro’s feature the Olimpico (4 games)? Yes, Italy desperately needs better stadiums, but to say not one stadium in Italy could host the UCL final is just idiotic.

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