Samu Castillejo admits it has ‘not been an easy time’ for him, as he burst into tears at the final whistle of Milan’s win over Verona and was embraced by coach Stefano Pioli and all his teammates.

These were tears of joy, as he was pushed towards the exit and insulted by fans over the summer for seemingly turning down transfers, only to change the game tonight coming off the bench at half-time with the Rossoneri 2-0 down.

He earned a penalty and then his cross was deflected for an own goal by Koray Gunter.

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“My tears said it all about the period I went through and am still going through,” Castillejo told Milan TV and Sky Sport Italia.

“I am someone who tries to give his all on the pitch. Yesterday it felt like nobody wanted me here, today I can celebrate with the fans in my home of San Siro.”

The Spaniard was visibly moved at the final whistle when celebrating with the fans, which then prompted coach Pioli and each of his teammates to give him a cuddle.

This made him even more emotional and was a sweet scene at the Stadio Meazza.

“It’s a difficult situation for me, it has not been an easy time. My family is far away, I really miss them, but destiny meant that I stayed here and tonight showed me why.”

Castillejo has barely played this season, but stepped up and made the difference during an injury crisis.

“I am frankly surprised that I am doing so well physically, as it’s been a long time since I played. I helped the team today and that is why I am happy.”

6 thought on “Castillejo explains Milan tears: ‘It has not been an easy time’”
  1. He did really well for a player who’s leaving. Gave his all like always and put his heart in it. God bless him.

    It’s just such a shame that he’s not talented enough for Milan and we need a better player there, as he definitely has the desire and loyalty. He’s Milan material in that regard, unlike some others …

  2. Well he’s def better than Daniel! I think he deserves to play at least as a 3rd choice! We are paying his an Conti’s bill anyway, so I don’t undertand why we don’t use them when we need them during the injury crisis! Same thing happened with Montolivo. These are not bad players as you can see it from today’s display. We should be more practical than being so budget conscious! Good for you Samu!!! We r all hella happy for you!

  3. I agree Mike. He is an okay substitute. Always was. He is average, but let’s face it. Our wage bill can’t handle 22 stars. We need players like him, and he appears committed

  4. Fair play.

    He’s not been treated well by the club.

    This is unfortunately a common theme nowadays with the transfer circus. You get players who were apparently good enough to sign a few years ago but then all of a sudden not good enough to be even in the squad and are frozen out.

    We have this ridiculous situation where we have 5 keepers in our CL squad but seemingly not faith in 3/5 so signed a 6th keeper.

    These are the top 1% of footballers on the planet. They do have something to offer. It’s up to the clubs and the managers to get the players to play at their potential. If they don’t it’s a failing of the club. Pioli has done an amazing job with so many players but he needs to support all his players. It was extremely harsh leaving this guy out of the CL squad.

  5. Before everyone gets too emotional about him, let’s remember that he simply isn’t good enough and should leave (or stay on as 3rd choice, on a very reduced salary). If he came on and did his usual performance, people would be calling for his and Pioli’s head. Yes he managed to basically win this game for us, though mostly through luck (taken out for a penalty, and rather poor pass somehow turned in as an own goal). Yes he gives his all, and I do appreciate that and cannot fault him for that, but his “all” is just not good enough. I feel for him and am glad he’s finally had a bit of joy in his playing career here, but let’s not forget he is still the player who has played for us these last few years, making absolutely no impact. I hope we can sell him in January, and he can find a club where he can get more playing time and contribute more to them than he was able to for us.

  6. I say yes he is not Milan quality, but none of us has the right to insult Samu cause he rejected a move. I am a Milan fan, but I find that some of the fans blatantly harassing players they don’t like. Especially to a player that behave rightly or at least modest but under performing. He might not be a great player like what we are hoping for, but he is still giving his all amidst the many injuries of others when the coach calls him.

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