Antonio Cassano continues to defend Leo Messi and is ready to ‘meet and insult’ those who criticised the Argentinean star.

Messi was booed by PSG fans after their Champions League elimination at the hands of Real Madrid last week. He received plenty of criticism from international media. Former Italy striker Paolo Di Canio was among those who blamed the ex Barcelona star calling him ‘an alien without emotions.’

“The most embarrassing thing that I’ve read is that Messi never made sacrifices, contrary to Cristiano Ronaldo,” Cassano told Bobo TV.

“Why should I hear scu***** criticise Messi?

“They are just adulators who are not even able to look at themselves in the mirror. There are amazing broadcasters, ruined by their presence.

“I wish I can meet these people sooner or later to insult them and tell them what I think,” the ex-striker continued.

“If I tell them now, they would sue me. I don’t want to give them visibility, I just want to tell them that they must be ashamed of themselves.”

As you may have understood, Cassano is a huge admirer of Messi and had a chance to meet him a couple of weeks ago before a home PSG match. Cassano, a former Roma, Milan and Inter striker, posted the video of his meeting with Messi on Instagram (WATCH it here) and said ‘God exists’ as soon as he saw the Argentinean greeting him.

Cassano also played for Real Madrid for a year and a half before returning to Italy joining Sampdoria in 2007. He scored just four goals in 29 appearances with the La Liga giants.


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3 thought on “Cassano wants to ‘meet and insult’ Messi critics”
  1. I would rather meet him and tell him what a wasted talent and career he is. Does anyone really pay attention to anything he says. He is his biggest fan.

  2. People that criticized Messi, they do not realize that in last 10 games of PSG, almost %90 of goals scored by PSG were architected by Messi. His vision is the best.

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