Cassano: ‘Totti will be forgotten, only Messi, Maradona, Cruijff are eternal’

by | Oct 26, 2021 13:50

Antonio Cassano defends Luciano Spalletti and says Francesco Totti ‘will be forgotten in 20 years’ as ‘only Leo Messi, Diego Maradona, Johan Cruijff are eternal.’

Roma fans chanted Totti’s name and continued to blame Luciano Spalletti when the Tuscan tactician returned to the Stadio Olimpico on Sunday to face the Giallorossi.

Cassano, a former Roma striker, defended the Napoli tactician and surprisingly attacked his former teammate.

“Those boos against Spalletti are a shame. He did amazing things in Rome and he loved the club,” Cassano said during the Twitch show Bobo TV, hosted by former Italy striker Christian Vieri.

“For what? Because he made Totti retire? I go mad when I hear these things. Are you telling me that Totti retired because he didn’t play under Spalletti? I played in Rome, so I know what I am talking about. To me, it’s a scandal and I am sorry to say this because I had a great time in Rome.

“Spalletti had to make his choices, and when he returned, he qualified for the Champions League. Fans must think about Roma’s good, Spalletti didn’t deserve boos, but only praise. He didn’t deserve it.

“Totti will be forgotten in 20 years, only Messi, Maradona and Cruijff are eternal. De Rossi was the ‘Capitan Futuro’ but he’s been forgotten, I’ve never seen somebody who loves Roma as much as he. Totti loves Roma, De Rossi 100 times more.”

Cassano spent four years and a half in the capital, scoring 52 goals in 161 appearances.

He then moved to Real Madrid, where he remained for just one year and a half before returning to Serie A, joining Sampdoria.

He also played with Inter, Milan and Parma during his playing career before retiring in 2017.

The former striker scored 112 goals in 400 Serie A games.

It’s not the first time Cassano has made headlines with controversial statements. Last week he said Cristiano Ronaldo is not even among the top five players in football’s history.

Cassano taunts Ronaldo: ‘CR7 is not even top 5 in history’

Antonio Cassano seems uninpressed after being subbed off during an Inter game.


  1. Finn christensen

    Of couse he is not in top five. We all can see that (exept Ronaldo fans). Great goalmachine though.

  2. Adeleye junior

    Cassano shouldn’t libel others out of jealousy and envy! Of course Totti’ is eternal as far as football in Rome and Roma is concerned! The MALDINI’S evoked Milan as much as Totti’ evoke Roma! Cassano perhaps because of his anonymity in Italian football makes him says as the devil’s touches his tongues! He is so pitiable

  3. Altaira

    Excuse me but… who was Cassano? Oh, yeah, just some guy who played everywhere, won nothing and won‘t be remembered at all. Soo pity for him.

  4. FORZA Juve

    Cassano always was stupid peace of sh… Terrible player, not seen such homic in nacionale never. And now we see still him talking about other players, geyboy fan of messi dwarf

  5. Miso

    He’s right. Yeah, Totti will be remembered in Rome, bit not in world football. Lot of football loving teenagers don’t even know who he is anymore. Shame, because he was genius, someone who’s a joy to watch, but that doesn’t make Cassano wrong. He himself could’ve become a legend, had he not been completely lazy and a disagreeable hot head.

  6. Peo

    Lol cassano is the biggest waste of talent in the last few decades. A man who has no heart and no love from any team. He will surely be forgotten. Totti gave everything to Roma and for that he will be remembered. Cassano now seems to try and stay relevant by talking crap due his jealousy of players who actually stayed the course. A shameful pitiful man who threw away his career.

  7. Bruno

    What utter garbage from Cassano. Does he really think the likes of Meazza, Best, Eusebio, Muller, Beckenbauer, Zico, Scirea, Garrincha, Van Basten, Matthaus, Baggio, Charlton, Baresi, Maldini, Platini, Zidane, Ronaldo (il Fenomeno) and many, many others – including Totti – will be soon be forgotten?? It would be appear that Cassano’s intellect is on a par with his level of professionalism as a footballer.

  8. agnelli killed serie a

    a great example of Juventus fans is “FORZA Juve”‘s comment.

  9. Goran Janevski

    Totti will never be forgotten pall !!!

  10. AM

    I think his comment is more about the Roma fans. Cassano always had high praise for Totti (and vice versa). If you look at the context of the discussion, it is about Cassano’s feelings about Roma fans and how he views them, and their short sightedness.

  11. TO agnelli killed serie a

    Forza Juve sayed all the truth, respect

  12. Pinturicchio

    Why doesn’t Football-Italia change its name to Gossip d’Italia and put the faces of Cassano on the right side, and Icardi+Wanda on the left? At least this way we know what to expect from this garbage portal.

  13. Serie a legend

    He should have been man enough to tell Totti to his face he wasnt going to start, otherwise all good things come to an end

  14. fORZA bARI

    You can take the kid out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the kid. He could have been a legend… every time he speaks it shows just how dumb he is. Totti has made is mark on the field, forgotten or not. Totti is a Champion with trophies in his cabinet. Cassano is a schmuck.

  15. fossadeileoni27

    I understand him defending Spalletti. However, his statement about Totti is idiotic.

  16. Vittorio

    Totti will never be forgotten for the simpke reason that he is a World Cup champion!

    And…scored the penalty goal vs. Australia in the Round of 16.

    Also, helped set up transition play and gosl scoring build up play for the Nazionale throughout the WC 2006.

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