Cassano: ‘Juve are a mess’

by | Sep 24, 2021 16:20

Former Italy international Antonio Cassano describes Juventus as ‘a mess’ and points at the lack of champions in the side. ‘Luckily they won against Spezia’.

Allegri came back to steer the Juventus towards the top after finishing fourth in Serie A 2020-21 under Andrea Pirlo, but Cassano believes the coach seems ‘confused’ after returning to the Allianz Stadium.

Serie A | Spezia 2-3 Juventus: Chiesa inspires comeback

The former Bari, Roma, Real Madrid, Sampdoria, Milan, Inter and Parma striker spoke about the Bianconeri’s start on BoboTV and stressed the Old Lady lacks champions to save them during the difficult moments.

“Juventus played an obscene match,” Cassano told BoboTV. “Spezia put Juventus under pressure, if they had made it 3-1, it would have ended the game and they’re a team worth 50 times less compared to Allegri’s men.

“They scored the goals because of two or three players that Allegri doesn’t see but continues to struggle, he gives me the impression of being in confusion.

“I don’t understand how Juve play, it worries me a lot. They won, but will struggle to finish among the top four if they continue like this.

“They are the best equipped team and today they are 10 points behind, they play badly, they are passive, they suffer a lot despite always being behind the ball.

“There are no ideas, they lack personality. Before there were the champions who won games with one play: [Cristiano] Ronaldo scored 100 goals in three years, [Gonzalo] Higuain scored a lot, [Paulo] Dybala did great things.

“Now, they are a confused team, a mess, and luckily they won against Spezia.”

Antonio Cassano


  1. Chris

    “Juventus are a mess”

    From a man who won practically nothing throughout his entire career due to his impudence and caused trouble wherever he went.

    Stay in your lane Antonio.

  2. serie a LOVER

    imagine cassano calling juventus a mess. that is just funny. all he has to do is look back at his life and he will see what a true mess looks like. lol

  3. Toni melo

    Cassano is saying the truth bro, no pattern, no game plan, no plan b.
    I think juve should get back on track fast before is too last.

  4. Ahmad

    If some one like Cassano called juventus as amess, he must look him self as we know Cassano have no a single trophy

  5. Al

    Look who’s talking 😏

  6. Dani

    I am sure he has been saying many unwanted things about Juve just for his name to be on the medias page……unless otherwise no one would talk about him as he had done nearly to nothing in his entire career which was the real definition of the word “mess”.


    Antonio, if it wasn’t for the 6 months you played under Allegri you would have won nothing in Italy so be grateful…….some teams fire their coaches after 4 games and when they finish the next 4 years 6th 9th 5th 8th they wonder why! Some teams like Atalanta wait 5 games for their first win and because of their patience get to see their team in the Champions League Semi-finals while some other organizations only win 5 Champions League games in the last decade !!

  8. AZZURRI 06

    He will always be loved for his part in the Euro 2012 team and he does make some valid points. Juve have struggled so far this season, no question about it. Max needs to start whipping them into shape but there is so much quality in the squad it is surely only a matter of time before we see a big improvement.

  9. JUVeindia


  10. @jimmy_Stallion

    Out of curiously has this chooch ever said anything positive about Juve

  11. DC

    This arm chair pundit is also a mess but he is correct if you look at how this team has stagnated for the last 4 years. Football comes in cycles and this one is clearly over. Until they get their finances in line and put the dead cows out to pasture such as Ramsay and Rabiot they will just have to suck it up.

  12. ZakCon

    I was thinking the same thing. He is always one of the first person to say something about Juve when Juve is in poor form. Always.

  13. Yepe

    He just said what he wants, Last season he said negative thing to Inter, now he said the same on Juve…don’t listen him, just focus and keep going

  14. Kenjiro

    As messy as he is, he got a point or two. Even allegri confessed that juve was lucky. Had Spezia manage to grab their 3rd goal it would be a different story. From a result point of view its ok, but performance-wise, it is still worrying. Serie A has evolved, Juve is not a solo runner anymore and this has brutally exposed the mess, whether you want to admit or not.

  15. Louch

    First time I’ve agreed with this pagliaccio on anything.
    Juve are currently a mess but Cassano has been a confused mess his entire career unfortunately.

  16. Frankie

    Cassano hates Juve and only ever says negative things about the club. The truth is that Cassano was never good enough for Juve as you need more than just talent – you need a brain and discipline – both things Cassano was always short of. Notwithstanding this, he is correct in what he says – lack of a clear game plan, confusion and a lack of leadership (particularly in midfield). In all fairness to him, he did say that they are best equipped team and once Allegri irons out the creases, the team will markedly improve.

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